Jason X

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


Rule 34 is that if anything exists then there is a porn version of it out there. I wonder what rule number is the one about movie franchises ending up in space if they last long enough. I mean look at how frequently this happens. Leprechaun 4 was in space. Hellraiser: Bloodline was in space. The upcoming Machete movie will be in space. And going in the opposite direction, the Alien franchise took place entirely on earth in the Alien vs Predator movies.
And Jason X not only takes Jason into space, but it also gives him an upgrade too. Halfway through the movie he is turned into “Uber-Jason” with cybernetic parts. And if that sounds really stupid it’s only because it is.

The movie opens with Jason being cryogenically frozen by the government and waking up in the year 2455. Thankfully he is about 500 years too early to terrorise New New York and the Planet Express, but the poor sobs who unfreeze him have a hell of a time dealing with him.
He wakes up in their space ship and begins killing them off almost instantly. And this ship looks awful, by the way. The CGI here is terrible and looks more like the sort of special effects seen in a sci-fi porn parody than a mainstream production.

Like Jason Takes Manhattan this movie proposes to put Jason in a unique locale and entertain viewers with how he reacts to it. However, unlike Part VIII they actually succeed this time. We don’t see Jason on board a shuttlecraft for 40 minutes before making it to the spaceship. The majority of the film is actually on this ship and to the movie’s credit they deliver what they promise.
As far as unique environments go the one that stands out the most to me is this ship’s version of the holodeck. They don’t recreate any Sherlock Holmes adventures like they do on Star Trek, but we do see a recreation of Camp Crystal Lake which is used by the crew to confuse Jason to ease their escape.
And there are other ripoffs of sci-fi movies throughout Jason X. The plot centres around a woman from 2008 who was accidentally frozen with Jason who tries to warn the crew how dangerous Jason is. This is reminiscent of the Alien sequels where Ellen Ripley continues to oppose the government not taking the xenomorphs seriously. In fact, the majority of this movie stylistically and in tone resembles Alien: Resurrection in a lot of ways. It has the same sort of setting, atmosphere, poorly timed and unfunny humour, and laughably ridiculous gore scenes. There is even a scene where a character gets blown out a damaged window.
Jason is eventually damaged by a powerful blaster, but is revived by the ship’s medical technology which uses nanites to regenerate missing limbs and other damaged parts. Jason is converted to Uber-Jason,  but is finally defeating by a military officer who uses an evac suit to push both him and Jason into the atmosphere of planet Earth Two (someone’s been reading too much DC) incinerating them both.

As bad as this movie is it is still more entertaining than Jason Goes to Hell. It’s stupid, yes, but here we see Jason as Jason and the film’s runtime gives us no less than what it promises. It takes Jason into space and he kills people for about 90 minutes. We are not teased with 40 minutes of bullshit, there is no twist at the end revealing Jason was not Jason, and we observe Jason in his normal form and not taking the bodies of other people. And even when he is converted into Uber-Jason he is still a hulking brute with a mask on.
Stuntman Kane Hodder has proven that no matter how crappy the movie he is in he puts in a stellar and intimidating performance as Jason Voorhees. Sadly, this was Hodder’s last time in the role as it was decided to use a different stunt actor for Freddy vs. Jason.

While I do not think highly of this movie (in fact I still kinda like Parts V and VIII a little better) I am never bored by it. It entertains me even though it really really sucks.
The continuity of the movie does pose some minor concerns since in the last film we saw Jason plummeting into the depths of Hell. And yet this movie opens in 2008 and Jason is alive and well before being frozen for nearly 500 years. I imagine this jarred fans back in 2001, however, with the release of Freddy vs. Jason this really isn’t an issue anymore. The ending of Freddy vs. Jason left it open for Jason to roam the world for awhile before being captured by the government. The only real issue is that Jason X takes place after Freddy vs. Jason despite coming out 2 years before it.

Now for those of you wondering I am not reviewing Freddy vs. Jason this year. I am going to save that for next year’s Horror Review-athon when I tackle the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. My reasons for this is that that movie takes place mostly in Springwood and is introduced from Freddy’s perspective and Freddy is also treated as the main antagonist of the movie. While it is technically both, it is more a Freddy movie than it is a Jason one.

We have just one more review to go. On Halloween I will review the Friday the 13th remake and then I will see you all next year.


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