I Can’t Believe I Felt This Way

Lets make good on this promise shall we?

You stare away in a trance, eye balls shatter such as light bulbs. Figuring out a truth, finding love isn’t so suspect any longer. Flares of mixture if cycling around the ferris wheel, mindful of the wishes you once were encapsulated with. Round it goes in your heart, thudding within and pumping the life back into your soul. I do recall that letter, ink splattered down like a blood stained shirt. That viciously came upon my words, that exclaimed my honest yet trivial promises. I didn’t need inspiration for this one, it was all within me and falling at once. You tore me apart, like a spine ripping at the seams from an attack by a cruel mist of hatred. Its obvious this was all wrong, I’m only curious what your thoughts conjured in the clouds.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator And Contributor

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