Picking Up Where I Left Off….

In case you ever liked any of my poetry, I think my drought has been long enough wouldn’t you say? I wanna start posting weekly, so I hope you’ll follow along. =)

Feeling really shitty today, it hasn’t come like a flow in so long. Why weren’t you aware, strange in days like this we can’t just wish till it breaks you in half. Shattered in the skin, kindhearted in which you are ruled over in five thousand drips of sweat. Pushed out feelings, trying to push this out of me but its not surfacing in a strange way it doesn’t matter now. These gold shivers have no meaning, blasted out of the ears till it wreaks of directionless inconsistency. Those lone wolfs are salivating for the prize winnings, you only wish you knew what this was. Nothing true, not a wind of respect or passion within it’s true and functionality without measure.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator and Contributor

If you’re interested in this kind of writing, I have two books out for purchase on Amazon. The links of course will be down below, with everything else I provide!! 😉

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