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Keanu “Movie Review”


I was very hesitant going into this, mainly due to the fact that I have an undying adoration and respect for these two guys. So, I wanted to keep my love for their TV Series and let that be it. But I figured, why not take the plunge anyway. What could it hurt? This movie starts out not how you think it would, kind of as a mystery film surrounding these two men hunting for something. You find out, the entirety of this they are searching for a kitten. And clearly, you begin to realize that he is going to be the star of the movie.

Jordan and Keegan were hilarious as usual, they brought their own spin of humility as well as exceptionalism to this project. It was a buddy movie, with all the craziness you expect from them. They stay true to what they were discovered to be, my fandom for these guys goes all the way back to Mad TV. So as you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be this good, especially for their first ever venture into film making. And of course, like any movie like this the cameos and references are there. You really can’t have a film like this without them, and they pay homage to it those in that regard.

Where I think this film suffers the most, was the characters didn’t seem to be real. There were times when they’d make decisions on the fly, that no real person would do in that instance. I guess that’s really all I didn’t seem to appreciate, other than that this was a great start for these two in hopefully *Fingers Crossed*, is a long run of success in Hollywood in the comedic format. I will always love these guys, they have a very special place in my heart. 7/10

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Your Moment, Not Mine.


Weighted numbers on the counter top, coercive blank spaces in between normal glances. Exchanging fierceness, bloated altitude combing in an already blanketed query. I’m normal she retorts, throwing a objectified emote towards you. Laughter filled the theater, they seem to not take it seriously. The crowd signs for an understudy, maybe this isn’t what it once was. Moisture drips from your bulbous forehead, it brings out the fib that you aren’t agitated by the intricate movement. Blind fools walk throughout the city streets, accompanied by masterful exchanges of disdain.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Clowns Are Cunning


Marked clowns believe they are funny, with their bleeding hearts on the floor for a crowds amusement. Its funny how a show leads to such bigotry, so many lies spun to make the person forgotten. Giving chase for no reason, as they present their act for you the adoring patrons. But you aren’t here for that, you know this isn’t the task at hand. Judgement passes over them, as they scan the room, awaiting the tomatoes to hit their face. But nothing comes, not even a single one. These attacks are new, not in any way physical. They are worse, far more intrusive into your homes. They wait, because moving into action face to face would be for cowards.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger