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More Thoughts On Suicide Squad


Well, more of an elaboration of previous thoughts….

I have been to see Suicide Squad 3 times now, I love every aspect of this movie. But two things I cannot get over, Jared Leto’s voice as the Joker changes so often in the few scenes he’s involved in. I compare it to originally someone who has a mouth guard on, they just can’t talk with a fluidity that makes it any less bothersome. He chatters his teeth, what’s left of them anyway. You can hear him breathing through his mouth, he does this growling thing. And then he stares off into space, as if he’s Jack Sparrow or something. I can live with the tattoo’s, as a matter of fact after seeing it enough that doesn’t get to me like it did before.

Are you supposed to like the Joker? No, I am completely aware of this. I have read many books where I hated him, but there’s always something I come away with fascinated by. Or drawn into a choice he makes in the books, or something he says that’s memorable. I haven’t gotten that with this version, the more I see him the more he makes me cringe. I think one of the best choices he made, was the clothing designs. A really beautiful tribute to Mr J in that regard, but that’s all I can personally appreciate. I’m willing to see where they take him, I think it’ll be interesting. I talked with a friend today after seeing it again, and he agreed Joker served no purpose in this movie at all.

In fact he could have had no scenes, and I doubt he would have been missed out on much. Jared Leto is an exceptional talent, this is not a shot against him personally. I want to make that perfectly clear for anyone who may get the wrong idea. I just don’t get this Joker, he’s so far beyond anything I can wrap my head around. I can appreciate his compulsion to collect, I think that is sort of a piece of humanity that he does possess. I think how I would have done it, was Joker shows up. Takes Harley out of the picture entirely, and some of the Squad members have to separate and save her life. If you aren’t going to make Joker a plot point, don’t put him in the film at all.

That’s just what I would have done if I were writing it, it annoyed me to no end watching him chase Harley, its all he was apart of the film for. NOTHING ELSE!!!! It was kind of insulting to my intelligence to be honest.
Another thing I couldn’t let pass, the more I watched was this constant need for things to be given an explanation. Like for instance, how Katana’s Soultaker worked. God that really got to me!!! Do you really have to give that long drawn out of a case of why the audience should care? Other than that, I was pretty impressed with the structure of the film itself.

Those were just the two main points I had to go into, my rating didn’t really change based on that but it was certainly something I needed to say. I really thought doing this was gutsy, I think you were going to hit some bumps in the road with this one no matter what you did with it. Ayer was impressive, and I can’t see how anyone could hate this film overall. Will I grow to appreciate this Joker? Only time will tell…. 7/10

My next bit of stuff on this matter, will pertain to what I think they should do with these characters in the future. =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Who Is the Suicide Squad Joker?


After several differing, yet expounding conversations about this subject. I have sense altered my view on Harley and the Jokers association with one another. I see him akin to a Marionette, and she’s sort of a dangling puppet. Possibly a dollmaker more than anything else. He values her beauty, not because of who she really is but for what he designed her to be. This isn’t saying he wants her in the conventional humanized way, he really just covets her.

He doesn’t need her for a means to an end, he needs her to be sort of a public display of what he’s capable of. Its more to frighten people, and less about having a longing desire to be with her. This Joker doesn’t understand what caring is about, he covets a person’s use drains them of their life energy and disposes of them. Harley is nothing more than a manipulated daisy, turned into a blackened rose for a warning to those who cross this Monster.

He is completely void of any sort of compassion, love doesn’t exist in this relationship. You only see that because its in her head, its what she wants from him but he isn’t able to give it because he doesn’t care about her in that way. How could he? This Joker is a Dragon, I can now see why they used the Tattoo’s. Because in All Star Batman, that Joker actually does have a Dragon Tattoo on his back. I don’t really recall why this was the case, but it does sort of add up in that regard.

I am a bit disappointed I didn’t see it this way. I thought maybe the director/producers were going for something different, but then I realized this was the Joker we all know. Things are in your face, and then there are things that are hidden within him. I still have a problem with Jareds mannerisms, as well as speech however everything else to me is actually improved greatly.
If you see any sort of infatuation, or love between them it is completely one sided. Harley is true representation of what the Joker’s one bad day ideology pertains to, he corrupted her soul to prove a point. Not only to Batman, but to everyone else who comes into their world. He wants so badly to show that we are all as off the reigns as he is, and with her that is his triumphant achievement.

This is all she is, and its all she is ever going to be. Batman mocks Joker with a scowl, and the opposite could be said with her. She mocks society, by showing that Joker is right about everything he believes in. Its a display, its art if you will? Sort of how Jack Nicolson’s was in the original 89 flick, so in that regard he is very much like that in a lot of ways. See the world as he does, or die in agony its that’s simple. I believe this will be revealed in time, even to those holding out hope that there is something between them.

This man is crazy yes, but he has need for structor and a sense of balance in the world around him. Now this could just be a front, the whole club owner thing could be a way to keep Gotham PD. As well as any outside forces from interfering, however I feel as if this is just his mask. Maybe a way to copy what Batman does, he could very well know that Wayne is Batman. So this could be a way for him to mirror that way of life, this rivalry could be more than meets the eye. And I’m sure in the coming years, we’ll get to see what all of this really means.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

What I Believe It All Means (DCEU Theory)

I have had a theory surrounding this scene in particular, since this film came out back in March. Feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole…. 😉

This entirety of this sequence was said to be a “Dream”. Now if you have no knowledge of the Multi Verse, or have just a seemingly untrained eye. Then you’d be fooled into believing that this is indeed the case, however this is completely false in context and application as a whole body. You notice something different right off the top here, these men working for Wayne clearly are not his. These are infiltrated agents of Lord Darkseid, Lex Luthor and Batman are working together in these sequences. Does this show Luthor? No it does not, because its not Jesse Eisenbergs version of the character. In fact, its the true iteration of Luthor. The trucks could very well be seen in cohesion, with the sequence of events leading up to Batman getting his hands on Kryptonite on the other Earth.

Which version of Earth is this? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think the one we see throughout the film is the original. Batman is alone? No he’s not, this is just showing you at the end of his rope so to speak. The whole bit of his men have been taken down from the inside, the true Lex Luthor has been taken prisoner as well as other Justice League members. Who have either been killed for not talking, “Not giving up his true identity or location”. Superman has been guilt ridden, he has lost everything he holds dear to him. The sequence between he and his Father, which was expounded upon the in Ultimate Edition. Gives new life to what the discussion of the Horses could very well indicate. While this could be misconstrued as a Father Son chat, this was eluding to this alternate Earth scenario I believe.

This Earth is completely desolate, without the beacon of hope that is Superman.
Superman has been killed yes, but not for the reasons that you might think. Superman has to die, it was just something that was inevitable I feel deep down in my gut. This wasn’t just about paying homage to a few panels, this was about something far deeper and more meaningful. Bruce Wayne would have never changed, Diana would have never gotten off that plane. We very well could have had a similar situation play out in Justice League similar to this. The compound in this sequence is just like the exchange between Luthor’s men, and some dealers who got their hands on Kryptonite from the Indian Ocean. However, instead of Batman leading a revolutionary effort he was a lone vigilante with a more sinister agenda. Barry comes to him in the Speed Force from another Earth. Not to warn him of what’s to come, but of what to avoid from happening. The decisions made in the latter half of this film? It was all a culmination to lead us to something different.

Without Superman’s death? There cannot be new life, not in him and certainly not in his future team. As well as the people that clearly now are behind him 100%. Meaning the citizens of Metropolis, as well as probably the world by now after witnessing such a sacrifice. I believe all of the events you see now, have changed dramatically because of a paradox. Time does change, and we change all the time with it. Was Superman supposed to die? I don’t believe that was the set in stone plan, because as we’ve seen these things can and usually are played out differently. Depending of course on the actions of one person, that could change the entire culmination of an event itself. If that’s the sort of thing you buy into, which in this case can be the only alternative to this. Was the Kryptonite planted for this trap? Or did Bruce do it himself, to expose the men who were corrupt in his camp? Well, if you know the character you probably would think its the second one.

Did it backfire, because he didn’t see the Parademon’s coming? Or was he trying to be captured to get inside? I suppose since it wasn’t clear, the possibility’s are endless. However, if its the Batman I know and love he knew it was coming eventually. He knew that Superman was going to find him, and he planned accordingly for just such an occasion. Was he played? Or was he the dealer all along, on this Earth to survive this onslaught. You would think you would have to know exactly what to plan for. It cuts as Superman is clearly tearing his heart out, what happens after that we only can speculate. And of course assume that Batman is dead on that Earth. Its all sort of like that, just it would seem visually that there’s more to this scene than meets the eye at least to me.

I don’t believe Barry was a talking about Superman, I believe Barry was coming to him from another Earth. Where Superman had died and Darkseid had taken over entirely. But it wasn’t this one, because this one Superman is clearly still alive. Or was it Superman at all? Could very well have been a clone of sorts, Cyborg Superman potentially? Who really can say, I think that is also a possibility. However this particular Batman, has built a real future a community of people if you will. I believe he had built that trust that he was seeking overtime. I believe the vendetta was very personal, but not against Superman. But against the one who brought death and destruction in his wake, I believe Darkseid is to be feared. But maybe a little less now, that hope has been restored in Superman’s actions on that Earth.

I believe Lex has it wrong, because he truly was convinced in his altered mind state. That killing Superman was the best way to approach, however what he didn’t plan for foolishly was what would culminate because of it. This is why people don’t get it, this is why that death was so inspiring to me. Because none of this would have taken place, if it were not for that death. Darkseid loses now regardless, because the people and Superman’s allies have a new found purpose. What he and Lex clearly did not plan for, was the reaction to a this sacrifice. And what would come out of it eventually, from a stand point of hope for a better tomorrow. This is why Superman is the foundation, you had to break the man to get the God. And Doomsday impaling him did just that, it was all supposed to happen this way. Yes, it was a tragic event… yes it will be felt for years to come. But what comes from it? Exponential wonder, and potential for a better future. Something that the character has always stood for since his inception. =)

Contributors- Chris Ballenger

Batman “An Affleck Story Concept”


This is a concept involving the new Affleck Batman films, I do hope you enjoy!!

I say screw Red Hood, and fuck all with the potential of Hush. Who do I think should be introduced in an Affleck laid out trilogy? Well, I am glad you didn’t ask!!! Cause I am still gonna tell ya anyway haha!!! I think a man by the name of Thomas Wayne Jr, should be placed into these movies. Not as himself, not quite yet I have an idea that could send shock waves into the DCEU for millennia.

Lets set the scene, Bruce finds out at the very end of the film that he is being watched. As he begins to search for clues, as to who this in the shadows character is. We begin to suspect multiple candidates, we don’t ever get to see this person’s face. We don’t even get a clue as to a gender. All we know is the Caped Crusader is being followed consistently, and this person prides himself on toying with Bruce. Whats the connection? Well, the man they call Jeremiah Arkham has risen in the ranks of the hospital. Very outspoken about his role in how patients should be treated. In fact, for awhile Batman agreed with more aggressive therapy.
Because of the events involving Jason and Barbra, Bruce as we all know took a more violent approach to criminals.

But since battling Superman, and turning a new leaf so to speak. Bruce takes it upon himself to become more active in rehabilitation. Not only this, but he becomes one of the main shareholders inside Arkham. Making sure to keep an eye on activity’s and overall goings on. He begins to see the mistreatment of patients, and is worried that they may be the soul reason why things are never changing. He begins to question Arkham’s ways, and this is sort of threatening to stability and cohesion in the group.

We begin to see tension, and the board requests Arkham to be removed from his position because of Wayne’s recommendation. Where does this take a turn finally? When Arkham begins to show more aggressive tendencies, and an alternate personality that has laid dormant begins to surface. He see’s Bruce Wayne as a threat to him keeping his family name respected. The person we see messing with Wayne, is none other than his long lost brother Thomas. But here’s the kicker, Arkaham is Thomas!!! These two are one in the same, its sort of a multiple personality situation. Thomas comes from an alternate Earth, where Bruce loses his mind after his Parents are killed.

But Bruce ends up killing his little brother out of pure angst, but this isn’t the real twist. Riddler as the main antagonist ends up manipulating both of them, getting his hands on Mother box tech in a scheme to play with the lineage of the Wayne’s. This all comes to a head, when Thomas realizes who really murdered their family to pin it on an alternate verse Bruce. And since that potentially Earth 3 Bruce is dead, he wanted to search for another to seek vengeance. Thomas attempts to track down Nigma in the end, and does his very best to kill him. Bruce of course being reformed, doesn’t allow this plan to play out. This will take place over the course of a couple of films, or at least I think it should anyway.

I always thought a Murder Mystery type Batman film, was essential to this new world. And I think this story in particular, and the build up to it would be spectacular!! We could even see some time lapses, where Bruce is trapped in different worlds. Where he has to get back, to find out who is messing around with things. Which as I said ends up being Nigma, but he uses Thomas and creates an alternate personality in Arkham. So that the plan can come to fruition, and we can sort of see it play out like it did in Hush. Take elements of that story, sure go right ahead. But put your own spin on it, and I think this way works best.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Thoughts On Superman/Snyder Dynamic


That’s the thing, Superman had to begin his journey as a very flawed human being. Always back tracking, consistently second guessing his own purpose. In fact if you pay attention closely in MOS, you’ll see this transition happen seamlessly. He starts out as a very lost traveler, he discovers the extent of his ability’s and after that almost becomes to big for his britches.

He fights a completely unknown force, of which he know’s nothing about. Only to the extent of what Jor El chose to share with him. He simply wanted Clark to find his own way, Johnathan did as well. But he also wanted Clark to make the right call, when the time was right to do so. He didn’t want him to take a step too early, for fear of being judged by another race harshly. If that battle with Zod didn’t happen when it did, the people would have had time to focus in on Clark as a potential enemy himself.

He realizes that he has to choose, between two worlds he barely even knows. He goes with his human half, the only reason why this takes a back seat in Dawn Of Justice. Is because Clark is questioning that call entirely in the previous film. He is wondering, if leaving with his remaining species may have been the best option. Because no one understands why he did the things he did, and as per usual they focus in on the deaths. Instead of the fact, that he was the only one capable of defending them. And did this to the best of his ability, at the time when he was just discovering his own biology.

Clark wants to be that Hero we all know and love, but without this road to this point it wouldn’t feel as authentic. You have to put these heroes feet to the fire, you have to test them in multiple ways. Clark’s decision fighting Doomsday was saying, “Ok, I now understand what this all means, and I am ready to be the shining beacon on the hill”. Batman understood this, after the revelation of his Mother prior to Clark’s death at the hands of Doomsday. He understood that he was just trying to save his family, and that is why it happened the way it did. He brought out a compassionate side of Bruce that had been long forgotten.

When you see Superman again, he will be the hero we all wish for him to be. But before that? This all had to happen, it was all a necessity to get here to this point. This whole road, was about getting Superman to this place. You had to deconstruct, a seemingly unbreakable God like figure. And rip him apart, to finally bring him to the forefront of savior. You will see who he really is now, and he will accept it without delay.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

TMNT Out Of The Shadows (Film Review)

tmnt_082813_1280_largeSurprisingly faithful from start to finish, kinda felt like a reboot actually but they learned from past hiccups. Some jokes didn’t land properly being that I’m older, but other than that it was great!! =) I was worried it would become a love fest between April and Casey, they decided to not go in that direction which was nice. Its definitely a trope that I frown upon, if you don’t have to do it. One of the few downsides was they didn’t seem to break much new ground. It kinda felt very reminiscent of the 3rd act of the first, and of course Fox as O’Neil just never hit the spot for me. Everybody else was great, I just wish they’d get rid of her. 7/10

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Just Some Thoughts On A Series I Love


hqdefault (9)

I made my way through the Joker Blogs again, and a few highlights came to mind. I preferred the new girl they used for Harleen Quinzell, she seemed to have a better formula when it comes to the slow slip into madness. The whole PTSD angle was nice, she was trying to move on past it but Joker haunted her dreams. They used an allegory of The Wizard Oz to describe that in the episode. how she kept fighting with the alternate version of herself. That I assume Joker either brought to the surface, due to her trauma, or molding it inside of her himself over their interactions in Arkham.

This episode in the new series, along with probably Board Games was the best of Series 2. It gave us a peak into why Luthor bought Arkham, if only to put a lighter spin on his previous transgressions. They didn’t really say why he did it, but it was heavily implied he was just trying to look like a good person. And the whole “Politicians Are Liars” was brought to the surface, when we found out that it was all along his motive to look good as a candidate for President. Did I mention the guy who plays Luthor, also plays Hugo Strange in two episodes of the first series?!?!?! AWESOME STUFF!!! I’m glad they used money for this one, it was more cinematic which helped progress the arcs further in the way they needed to be.

The tension in the elevator was pure gold!!! How she kept drilling him with questions, and he continued to avoid it!!! And then he turned it, and changed his personality slightly, almost every single time the camera cut. And that conversation with the Camera guy was awesome!!!! This series has been gone for two years now, I really wish it would finish up, they really had something special going!! And according to one of the creators, they were going to do something completely different with the Joker Harleen story. I really wanted to see that, ughhhh!!!!!!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger