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Here We Go Again….. (Rant)


I’m sorry that this has to continue, but as long as it does I will keep on saying these things!!!

Dallas is in distress because of one cowardly act, by faceless antagonists who care nothing about peace or prosperity. Dallas was calm, hell the Cops were even protesting with them!!! One act changed that, wasn’t the first time though. This is a systematic effort to isolate and run down innocent bystanders, it was a blatant terrorist assault. No one is going to do anything, until we stand as one people. This isn’t about Cops Vs Blacks, this isn’t about White Vs Minority. Until we expose those profiting off of violence and fear, these events will continue to take place weekly.

We don’t live in a world of Peace, but we can and its high time we start taking action to do just that. But we can’t just care about what’s going on here, we have to make everything an issue!!!! If it smells like a rat, it probably is!!! This includes spreading falsehoods, if you see something on your feed. Take literally 5 minutes to fact check, it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good not to. Thoughts and prayers? Awesome, but that’s not going to really change anything. Your attitude, and what you deem important has to… and I’m sorry to say that starts with you.
Don’t get it mixed up, I am saying these things about myself just as much!!! Because its about all of us, or guess what? We lose, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! I could name a Top 10 list of things, that we all should care about. That doesn’t do anyone any good, we have to care about unjust acts in general!! Indifference, that has just as much potential to be damaging.

But go ahead disregard this, It’s fine I am used to it. If you really believe deep within yourself, that nothing you can do will change things. Then you are more than likely right about that, but public opinion/outcry has done things to alter the spectrum of what is the norm. So maybe you believe you don’t have power, and that’s just where they want you to stay. I’m not playing the “Holier Than Thou” Card, I am playing the “Reality Check” Card.

You cannot, and I repeat CANNOT!!!! Leave it to your Government officials to do something!!! We have to sit down, and make a decision of how we are going to treat people. This savagery is suited for those who lived in the dark ages!!! Gun control? No, never going to happen!!! But we also can’t have it both ways, you can’t just get whatever the hell you want either!!! We need to learn to compromise, we need to learn common sense action that will work for everyone!!! And until we say, enough is enough these things will continue!!!! Make a decision, or just sit back and forget it in a couple of weeks. I’m done… I have said my piece.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger