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Just some thoughts, its been awhile guys…..

What is part of Clark’s morose behavior, when it pertains to how he tends to act as a hero. Is simply due to his adolescence in gaining an awareness to his newly formed abilities. What if Superman is emotionally detached on purpose? What if these barriers were set in that regard, to keep him from his full potential because he wouldn’t be able to grasp the responsibility? Like for instance, he lashes out at Zod in sort of a childish like manner. Not really knowing his own strength at the time, still very unconscious to these powers. What if that was the intent, what if Jor El was like in previous incarnations fearful of what he’d do if he knew them all at once.

You know, as Jonathan said to him. You’ll be ready when the time is right, and maybe Clark’s death was a reminder that he will rise reborn. A new man, with death comes new life as it were. The Superman you knew before, no longer exists. What if this was Snyder’s plan all along? It most certainly wouldn’t surprise me, Clark doesn’t become fully aware of who and what he can do, until he is prepared to deal with those repercussions. He didn’t understand what they were, or why they were happening to him.

But now he will, and the barriers may in fact be lifted fully. I believe this was the intent all along, I believe he hasn’t even begun being what we all desire. And that’s the cool thing about guys, it took us 4 years to get here. It was an entire arc, that led us to this point in time. This transition was growing pains of a child into adulthood. He didn’t make that decision until the very last bit of Dawn Of Justice, he took all the burdens of the world and put it on his shoulders. And in that moment, he became what he was supposed to be. He wasn’t confident, its like you could actually see it play out that way. I mean think about it, you had a grizzled veteran in Batman. A war torn broken man, who was completely void of any sort of apathy.

And when these two meet, its like Clark is threatened by him, when we know for a fact that if he wanted to. With one punch to the chest, he could kill Batman in an instant. Some would say well “Chris, you know he was just holding back”. Ok, and yes while that might be true to a certain point. Why would he hold back, if he didn’t know what he could do in the first place? He killed Zod out of necessity, did he know he could? No, in fact he was physically outmatched in every single way.

He even looked at his hands in that particular scene, as if to say “Did I just do that”? Not that he wasn’t mourning a loss, he most certainly was. But he was shocked, that he held so much power in his hands. And maybe it was too dangerous, maybe he felt after that afraid to pursue any sort of Justice. Because he had done so many things, in such a short amount of time that were so extreme for even him. And Batman in the picture now? He recognized that these two pillars were not sustainable, going down the path they were both headed towards. Clark simply took a forceful step down, because Batman’s rage was far too much to handle. He needed to be the voice of reason, because if he channeled an equal amount of rage. Where would we be? I’ll tell you, we’d be without a Batman and Superman in this Universe!!!

Man Of Steel was the pain of loss, as well as being able to say “I can co exist with these people”. and finding some sort of limitation to the potentially dangerous abilities he had. Dawn Of Justice were those lessons from both of his Fathers revisited, Johnathan being the protector, and advisor of when it was time to reveal himself to the world so to speak. And Jor El being the more hands on, and pushing him into a more secure way of handling his abilities. It was an inner fight, he wasn’t just fighting with Batman!!! He was fighting with himself the entire time!!! Justice League, that will be about Clark embracing both of his Father’s lessons. He will finally merge into the Hero we know him to be, mark my words on this!!! =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


The Batman “Spirit Of Vengeance”


I call this

The Batman “Spirit Of Vengeance”

This is my own personal thoughts on the Batman franchise, and where I think they should begin with it moving forward. You see certain characters above, that will play their individual part in how that story progresses. Be forewarned, I didn’t do any research prior to this. I only approached this from a unbridled and unique perspective, this is what I would like to see from Affleck’s approach.

Theme #1 Introduction

Batman is spotted shortly after the events of DOJ, speaking to Alfred about funding the funeral and costs of Clark’s death. There was also a leak online planted by Alexander Luthor inside Arkham.”I call him that now”. A virus to expose a list of more meta humans, Bruce is doing his very best to trace these links to a location and shut it down. These names come up with the following “Ronnie Raymond” “John Jones”

Outing these people, could very well cause what they’ve worked so hard to build, since Batman’s crack in the mirror ways. Would bring it all down, and there would be no way to accept this new world if that were the case. It has been left up to the rest of the Justice League, who has since been formed. To protect, no only the citizens of Earth and beyond, but the beings who don’t wish to be known.

Alfred mentions to Bruce some notes his Mother had written to him, shortly before they had been killed. He hadn’t been in his Parents bed chamber since he was in his late 20s. She had told him, that she saw a true spirit of honor and pride in him, and that she was truly proud of the young man that he had turned out to be. We get to see a flashback of a conversation they have together, “I hope this movie show’s us more of their relationship”.

And we get to see more things leading up to the death, to make it that much more impactful. Bruce noticed a spatter of blood on a blanket, in which he takes to Alfred and questions him about it. Analyzing is certainly needed, this blanket connects Thomas to some more sketchy activity. I personally would love to see a reason why the Waynes were murdered. They get caught up in things they don’t understand, and Gotham is at its beginnings of its decadence.

What I do like about this concept, is the Bat that haunts him. Is an actual spirit, its constantly in his ear, reminding him of his past and the things he has done. And well not done of course, this has a very Christmas Carol type of vibe to it. All down to the shots on camera, of the Wintery wonderland type of Gotham City.

Its all very hauntingly beautiful, Gotham almost in these scenes becomes a character in itself. We cut to him traveling through the city, Alfred is talking with him, as he does his Entrepreneurial duties. Asking him what he found in his Parents bedroom.

Bruce is very quiet about these things as usual, now knowing that there just something isn’t right going on. And maybe he doesn’t even know his own Family tree’s history. Bruce goes in his minds eye to a mountain top, in an area within Alaska. He see’s his Mother and Father there, they are on a discovery trip of sorts. Beginning to notice something was different about this, he snaps back to reality.

As we find him at a fundraiser, bored talking to politicians inside of the State Department. They are of course doing their very best to gather his support for the election year coming up. He had been down this road before, and it wasn’t something he found all together pleasurable. Basically, the intro is going to be introducing how Bruce begins to put pieces together about his own history. And how he begins to question what he even represents as a man. The only thing he truly feels secure in is his identity as the Batman.

Everything else? Is one giant blur, and its all starting to surface slowly. In a very agonizing way, his parents become something of a mystery to him. They are involved in things he never thought would be possible for a Wayne, but these were necessary to keep funding for specific projects. Projects that would lead to discoveries for mankind, that would be connected to the Luthors. As well as Families inside the Government, people who know too much become liabilities. And what manifests from this, could alter the very spectrum of what Batman and the rest of his team knows.

To Be Continued

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Some Thoughts On Smallville, And Just DC Entertainment At Large.

warner-brothers-hands-dc-films-over-to-geoff-johns-due-to-the-bvs-fallout-980021Smallville will always have a very special place in my heart, it started it all when it comes to popularity of the Superhero era. The scene in particular makes me happy I gave the last couple of seasons a good push to the end. When Lois is fully aware in Season 10, of who Clark is all the way!! And she is completely fine with keeping it to herself, it shows her devotion to him!! It had its many faults in fact, but scenes like these made it all worth it. I never liked Superman until Cavill’s version, at least not the way I respect him now. But Welling did the dichotomy between Clark and Kal El so well, I didn’t really see a nerd often times. Clark at least in this version, made a conscious effort to conceal his identity from the world.

The glasses I feel were for you as an audience to discern a differentiation, him falling on the floor and making a mess of things. Was just an extension of that, Lois knowing his secret never bothered me though. I knew if anyone was going to keep his secret, it would be the one woman he’s destined to be with. The films now? They had to make things differently, if you are apt to notice subtly however. Cavill’s version still does have the clumsy behavior, when he asked the photographer who Wayne was. Everyone who was in the know, knew exactly who Bruce Wayne was!!!

He was playing stupid on purpose, it was all apart of him getting close. Its actually quite impressive, when you think about it in those terms. He’s so quick with it, that you find yourself not even picking it up. You can have your Wellings or your Reeves, or whomever you wish to identify with most as the character. No one says you can’t, just don’t downplay another version if he’s not exactly something you grew up with.

Snyder doesn’t force light hearted down your gullet, its why I respect the material as much as I do. Yet, his Superman still has those discernible places where you can say. “Yep, that’s definitely something I see Superman doing, or being apart of”. He allows you to place your avenity and loyalty with these characters on your own, as a film maker he doesn’t cause you to give a damn at the wrong times. But still lets you decide, and that makes for a true visionary of any medium. Not every version will appeal to everyone, but at least admire those that connect with one as opposed to not something else.

I don’t talk about Marvel as much as I should, I got a couple of things planned out for the future though. =) Stayed tuned!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Man Of Steel Rumors “Thoughts On The Direction”


An intriguing way to introduce Brainiac, would be to have him be a program that has been dwelling throughout the cosmos for milliana. He’s survived due to his persistence and invulnerability to the majority of defenses, and constant desire to gain access to information. He’s basically a algorithm, but Brainiac isn’t essentially what you call evil. He has been around since the inception of the Multi Verse.

You could give him a role sort of how they wanted Parallax to be in the GL original movie, Brainiac isn’t really a person. He begins his journey as more of an intent to bring about purpose to other civilizations, however some don’t see a need for it and resist. His design is to make these events happen regardless of what has to be done, and what primarily begins to become problematic are his choice of methods.

He believes in bringing those that choose another life with him, sort of a Cult Leader in that aspect. He is worshiped as a God like figure, and seen as someone who has no flaws. How does Kara fit into this story, well there’s always another side to the coin. Brainiac doesn’t kill people, in fact that is one of the few things that separates him from others Superman has faced prior. Since he is all about learning, he has a fascination with pushing the limits of different species.

Brainiac is seen as a God, but he is more or less just a Scientific figure. He wants to learn, and purify and illuminate those to his level of consciousness. Clark begins to research his Kryptonian history, and delve into it much deeper than ever before. And starts to notice a pattern, of how Krypton was destroyed very similarly to other planets. Yes it was due to a surge in Geo Engineering, as well as a corrupt society hitting a peak of corruption.

But what makes this story so compelling I feel, is why it all began that way. Brainiac infiltrates systems, he begins to show the errors in dialogue as well as the way people are pushed out because they are different. Brainiac doesn’t have a motive, other than to assist in a process, but for the likes of Superman its not seen as a welcoming conjecture. Brainiac exposes the cruelest parts of men’s hearts, its all apart of the purification process that no one can seem to comprehend.

Its all really a character study of duality, what do we all consider to be good and evil? Its sort of how Agent Smith is viewed in the Matrix, on one hand he is seen as a corrupt program. On another, he is viewed as a liberator in a sense. Its all in the way you personally look at it, so from this point of view Brainiac could actually begin to gather sympathizers to his cause. People who are willing to die for his cause to make things “Better”. This would be a different take on most Superhero stories of our day. It would bring to the forefront a speculation, of what we all consider to be good for us or not. What is selfishness? And how do we approach subjects for the greater good of humanity.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Justice League Concept (My Thoughts)


I call this

“Kansas Son, Come Home”

This is just an some what original idea, that I myself have been kinda cooking up in my head since Dawn Of Justice. Please take this into consideration, I know nothing of the plot and this really has no attachment to any Comic Book story in particular.

Alright, now we can begin 😉

We open up, to the grave site where we originally left things in at the conclusion of Dawn Of Justice, as most of you know Superman was violently thwarted by Doomsday. Pierced in the very same spot, that Zod killed his Kryptonian Father Jor El. We pan into the grave, things begin to shake vigorously. We see a news broadcast break, as Kansas of all places townsfolk have been experiencing tremors. These have been going on for weeks, small nothing really of note until a larger one hits. It shakes the entire town ripping a hole right down the center on the Kent Farm.

We really don’t see anything, other than an empty gravesite. So there’s evidently something happening. Something that this town hasn’t experienced since the Invasion of Metropolis. They continue to mourn the loss of their fallen Savior, nothing truly has been the same since his demise took place only a year and a half ago. They still feel the guilt of turning on him, but have this ever present optimism he would return one day. This is going to start sounding religious in most parts, because well I figure that’s the point. =) Everyone is aware of the undertones, as well as comparisons to Christ. And this is even more evident with Superman’s resurrection.

We start to see people talking to reporters randomly, of a figure in the sky which is watching over them. Except this time, he isn’t dawning the regular colors prior. He wears his same crest, but the suit is now Grey And Black. And he is unrecognizable with the beard and longer hair. Citizens of Metropolis begin to sense something is different, we pan out to a widened city skyline in the evening. As Clark is hovering over a tall high rise, his eyes closed tightly almost as if he is feeling distressed. He flies towards the Daily Planet, as a now lead Reporter Lois Lane works late into the night. Clark wishes to stay hidden, so he merely watches her at a safe distance. Reminiscing of their last conversation, as well as exchange before he charged in to save the day one last time.

He knows if he shows himself to early, that it could mean trouble for her. So keeping to his guidance by his Father, he would keep watch over her but not too close. He felt as if what he had done was the right thing, but he was still feeling very unsure if she’d embrace him knowing that he was now alive and well. His Kryptonian side, as well as his human side had struggled for so many years. It wouldn’t be valiant for him to make his presence felt, but there was one man he needed to visit. The man that had promised him that he would continue the fight, long after he had gone. He had heard these cries for help, and he would answer now.

He would become the hero that Metropolis and the World desired, Bruce Wayne had helped his Mother in so many ways after his passing.
We cut to Gotham City, Batman and Flash are taking care of some of the Rogues Gallery of the Flash. As well as a collection of villains who had long been a thorn in the side of the Waynes. Superman simply observes, as these two fight along side one another. Was it time to burst into action? No, Clark was trying to be less intrusive in these times.

He understood that whomever Bruce had recruited, that he could trust without a single doubt. This was part of being a Hero, he was supposed to trust those he didn’t know all that well. That was the point of growth, being what no one thought you could be in very crucial moments. We pan out later to Bruce at his Mansion, newly renovated Wayne Manor. Which was said to be long forgotten, but the point of starting a new was to rebuild old relics.

Clark landed on a balcony as Bruce sat there having a glass of whiskey. He couldn’t help but smile, he asks him if he can have a drink. Not really masking his voice, but simply staying in the darkness waiting for a response. Bruce knew this voice, he thought back to their confrontation. And how so quickly a foe became an ally, and how Clark brought Bruce out of the brink of self destruction. They sat and talked, Clark tells Bruce it isn’t time for him to be revealed yet.

Bruce knows this, and acknowledges that they both would decide on a right moment together. That what ever was coming, had already closed in on what it was after. Clark said he would be resting, so that his cells could regenerate more effectively. But that he would be there at a moments notice, and that he would always be watching and doing whatever he could to help.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Who Is the Suicide Squad Joker?


After several differing, yet expounding conversations about this subject. I have sense altered my view on Harley and the Jokers association with one another. I see him akin to a Marionette, and she’s sort of a dangling puppet. Possibly a dollmaker more than anything else. He values her beauty, not because of who she really is but for what he designed her to be. This isn’t saying he wants her in the conventional humanized way, he really just covets her.

He doesn’t need her for a means to an end, he needs her to be sort of a public display of what he’s capable of. Its more to frighten people, and less about having a longing desire to be with her. This Joker doesn’t understand what caring is about, he covets a person’s use drains them of their life energy and disposes of them. Harley is nothing more than a manipulated daisy, turned into a blackened rose for a warning to those who cross this Monster.

He is completely void of any sort of compassion, love doesn’t exist in this relationship. You only see that because its in her head, its what she wants from him but he isn’t able to give it because he doesn’t care about her in that way. How could he? This Joker is a Dragon, I can now see why they used the Tattoo’s. Because in All Star Batman, that Joker actually does have a Dragon Tattoo on his back. I don’t really recall why this was the case, but it does sort of add up in that regard.

I am a bit disappointed I didn’t see it this way. I thought maybe the director/producers were going for something different, but then I realized this was the Joker we all know. Things are in your face, and then there are things that are hidden within him. I still have a problem with Jareds mannerisms, as well as speech however everything else to me is actually improved greatly.
If you see any sort of infatuation, or love between them it is completely one sided. Harley is true representation of what the Joker’s one bad day ideology pertains to, he corrupted her soul to prove a point. Not only to Batman, but to everyone else who comes into their world. He wants so badly to show that we are all as off the reigns as he is, and with her that is his triumphant achievement.

This is all she is, and its all she is ever going to be. Batman mocks Joker with a scowl, and the opposite could be said with her. She mocks society, by showing that Joker is right about everything he believes in. Its a display, its art if you will? Sort of how Jack Nicolson’s was in the original 89 flick, so in that regard he is very much like that in a lot of ways. See the world as he does, or die in agony its that’s simple. I believe this will be revealed in time, even to those holding out hope that there is something between them.

This man is crazy yes, but he has need for structor and a sense of balance in the world around him. Now this could just be a front, the whole club owner thing could be a way to keep Gotham PD. As well as any outside forces from interfering, however I feel as if this is just his mask. Maybe a way to copy what Batman does, he could very well know that Wayne is Batman. So this could be a way for him to mirror that way of life, this rivalry could be more than meets the eye. And I’m sure in the coming years, we’ll get to see what all of this really means.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

What I Believe It All Means (DCEU Theory)

I have had a theory surrounding this scene in particular, since this film came out back in March. Feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole…. 😉

This entirety of this sequence was said to be a “Dream”. Now if you have no knowledge of the Multi Verse, or have just a seemingly untrained eye. Then you’d be fooled into believing that this is indeed the case, however this is completely false in context and application as a whole body. You notice something different right off the top here, these men working for Wayne clearly are not his. These are infiltrated agents of Lord Darkseid, Lex Luthor and Batman are working together in these sequences. Does this show Luthor? No it does not, because its not Jesse Eisenbergs version of the character. In fact, its the true iteration of Luthor. The trucks could very well be seen in cohesion, with the sequence of events leading up to Batman getting his hands on Kryptonite on the other Earth.

Which version of Earth is this? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think the one we see throughout the film is the original. Batman is alone? No he’s not, this is just showing you at the end of his rope so to speak. The whole bit of his men have been taken down from the inside, the true Lex Luthor has been taken prisoner as well as other Justice League members. Who have either been killed for not talking, “Not giving up his true identity or location”. Superman has been guilt ridden, he has lost everything he holds dear to him. The sequence between he and his Father, which was expounded upon the in Ultimate Edition. Gives new life to what the discussion of the Horses could very well indicate. While this could be misconstrued as a Father Son chat, this was eluding to this alternate Earth scenario I believe.

This Earth is completely desolate, without the beacon of hope that is Superman.
Superman has been killed yes, but not for the reasons that you might think. Superman has to die, it was just something that was inevitable I feel deep down in my gut. This wasn’t just about paying homage to a few panels, this was about something far deeper and more meaningful. Bruce Wayne would have never changed, Diana would have never gotten off that plane. We very well could have had a similar situation play out in Justice League similar to this. The compound in this sequence is just like the exchange between Luthor’s men, and some dealers who got their hands on Kryptonite from the Indian Ocean. However, instead of Batman leading a revolutionary effort he was a lone vigilante with a more sinister agenda. Barry comes to him in the Speed Force from another Earth. Not to warn him of what’s to come, but of what to avoid from happening. The decisions made in the latter half of this film? It was all a culmination to lead us to something different.

Without Superman’s death? There cannot be new life, not in him and certainly not in his future team. As well as the people that clearly now are behind him 100%. Meaning the citizens of Metropolis, as well as probably the world by now after witnessing such a sacrifice. I believe all of the events you see now, have changed dramatically because of a paradox. Time does change, and we change all the time with it. Was Superman supposed to die? I don’t believe that was the set in stone plan, because as we’ve seen these things can and usually are played out differently. Depending of course on the actions of one person, that could change the entire culmination of an event itself. If that’s the sort of thing you buy into, which in this case can be the only alternative to this. Was the Kryptonite planted for this trap? Or did Bruce do it himself, to expose the men who were corrupt in his camp? Well, if you know the character you probably would think its the second one.

Did it backfire, because he didn’t see the Parademon’s coming? Or was he trying to be captured to get inside? I suppose since it wasn’t clear, the possibility’s are endless. However, if its the Batman I know and love he knew it was coming eventually. He knew that Superman was going to find him, and he planned accordingly for just such an occasion. Was he played? Or was he the dealer all along, on this Earth to survive this onslaught. You would think you would have to know exactly what to plan for. It cuts as Superman is clearly tearing his heart out, what happens after that we only can speculate. And of course assume that Batman is dead on that Earth. Its all sort of like that, just it would seem visually that there’s more to this scene than meets the eye at least to me.

I don’t believe Barry was a talking about Superman, I believe Barry was coming to him from another Earth. Where Superman had died and Darkseid had taken over entirely. But it wasn’t this one, because this one Superman is clearly still alive. Or was it Superman at all? Could very well have been a clone of sorts, Cyborg Superman potentially? Who really can say, I think that is also a possibility. However this particular Batman, has built a real future a community of people if you will. I believe he had built that trust that he was seeking overtime. I believe the vendetta was very personal, but not against Superman. But against the one who brought death and destruction in his wake, I believe Darkseid is to be feared. But maybe a little less now, that hope has been restored in Superman’s actions on that Earth.

I believe Lex has it wrong, because he truly was convinced in his altered mind state. That killing Superman was the best way to approach, however what he didn’t plan for foolishly was what would culminate because of it. This is why people don’t get it, this is why that death was so inspiring to me. Because none of this would have taken place, if it were not for that death. Darkseid loses now regardless, because the people and Superman’s allies have a new found purpose. What he and Lex clearly did not plan for, was the reaction to a this sacrifice. And what would come out of it eventually, from a stand point of hope for a better tomorrow. This is why Superman is the foundation, you had to break the man to get the God. And Doomsday impaling him did just that, it was all supposed to happen this way. Yes, it was a tragic event… yes it will be felt for years to come. But what comes from it? Exponential wonder, and potential for a better future. Something that the character has always stood for since his inception. =)

Contributors- Chris Ballenger