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I Guess Its Late, And I’m Rambling Again


Humans do something really strange and yet its accepted as normal, they create an expectation or a identity of something they wanna see out of you. And its often unattainable aspirations of themselves, or of their own wishful and so many times reluctant fears. Its really a character study of the truth that hides within them. Of their mistakes, and unrequited pieces they wish they could have returned to them. People don’t really know what they want, so why would they start with themselves? You’re a far better experiment, because at the end of the day its not them who gets torn apart is it? Its a unrelenting curiosity, to find purpose through another while risking destroying them.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Brain Diversion


Breakout’s on the skin, as red as fire bombs protruding lifeless envisioning. Your trains wished for a better day, to float upon the imaginary loose fitted cannon. Bouncing in that room, he eyes it candidly making sure its softly exuded pleasure. Falling downward, bones as brittle as sand paper in a jar of concrete. Mashed down, it closes ever so intently on the mark of its host. Loops out and in, circular motioning to the crowd in wonderment of the blank pages. Addressing nothing, feeling the broadness and the billing feeding you the encompassing triumph. I bring a message in a earlobe, overloaded and bludgeoned in the marking. These rooms are separated by numbers, divided by a miscreant. These offenses cannot stand, we shall never allow them to falter our masterful wisdom in these worlds.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Vibrant Calamity


These mongrels came for you in the moment of anguish, advertised as sensible prism’s in the boat filled with water and lacerations. Cut deeply, in form from the outer spaces. Accompanied by withered and wrinkled mantels, in which you become less favorable. Bloated and packed with privileges. Did he promise you these riches, did these things become your space of pleasures. Stacked one on top of the other, you begin to feel the pressure of adulthood. These pyramids are breaking your stride, you fall to the ground as it gives. Your knee’s buckle, as the sands of time pierce your wit and valor. Crunching and invigoration, it laughs at your attempts to keep afloat crashing into your shield afoot for the feast.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

A School Ride Of The Dimwitted


School buses filled to the brim with pedestrians, they skid on the ledge not quite certain what will be on the other side. With every inch, comes the realization that time is of the essence. There is one of them, that peers down at his book of plans. His life shows him what could have been, and what he is certain to lose out on. The clouds on the outward trail, seem oddly misshaped ever more obtuse. Not ever willing to respond to the dire cries, moving closure to the ledge of the dimwitted. Only one of them would come out winners, if that were some triumphant call to action. But it wasn’t, they were all subject to this fate of the helpless.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Here We Go Again….. (Rant)


I’m sorry that this has to continue, but as long as it does I will keep on saying these things!!!

Dallas is in distress because of one cowardly act, by faceless antagonists who care nothing about peace or prosperity. Dallas was calm, hell the Cops were even protesting with them!!! One act changed that, wasn’t the first time though. This is a systematic effort to isolate and run down innocent bystanders, it was a blatant terrorist assault. No one is going to do anything, until we stand as one people. This isn’t about Cops Vs Blacks, this isn’t about White Vs Minority. Until we expose those profiting off of violence and fear, these events will continue to take place weekly.

We don’t live in a world of Peace, but we can and its high time we start taking action to do just that. But we can’t just care about what’s going on here, we have to make everything an issue!!!! If it smells like a rat, it probably is!!! This includes spreading falsehoods, if you see something on your feed. Take literally 5 minutes to fact check, it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good not to. Thoughts and prayers? Awesome, but that’s not going to really change anything. Your attitude, and what you deem important has to… and I’m sorry to say that starts with you.
Don’t get it mixed up, I am saying these things about myself just as much!!! Because its about all of us, or guess what? We lose, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! I could name a Top 10 list of things, that we all should care about. That doesn’t do anyone any good, we have to care about unjust acts in general!! Indifference, that has just as much potential to be damaging.

But go ahead disregard this, It’s fine I am used to it. If you really believe deep within yourself, that nothing you can do will change things. Then you are more than likely right about that, but public opinion/outcry has done things to alter the spectrum of what is the norm. So maybe you believe you don’t have power, and that’s just where they want you to stay. I’m not playing the “Holier Than Thou” Card, I am playing the “Reality Check” Card.

You cannot, and I repeat CANNOT!!!! Leave it to your Government officials to do something!!! We have to sit down, and make a decision of how we are going to treat people. This savagery is suited for those who lived in the dark ages!!! Gun control? No, never going to happen!!! But we also can’t have it both ways, you can’t just get whatever the hell you want either!!! We need to learn to compromise, we need to learn common sense action that will work for everyone!!! And until we say, enough is enough these things will continue!!!! Make a decision, or just sit back and forget it in a couple of weeks. I’m done… I have said my piece.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Just Gotta Say This (Tiny Rant)


You know what I find so ridiculous in our world? We have potential to expand our reach into Space, doing things right now that guys like Tesla and other scientists only had wet dreams about. And what are we concerned with? A little ole terrorist cell in the middle east, WE HAVE AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE AT OUR DISPOSAL!!!! There’s potential all around us, we haven’t even explored half of the deepest parts of our oceans. And all you can think about is if our Supreme Court doesn’t rule to your liking. Thinking so small, is why people succumb to horrific acts like prejudice/racism. If we got on board, and did some actual real stuff. Think of all that would be possible, we’d never fight again as a people.

Real shit would get accomplished, I’m not saying we don’t get bombarded with distractions daily. We do, and its just as much the fault of the corrupt media as anyone else. However if we thought bigger than we do, just think about the possibilities. Maintaining a system of Government, just for the sake of security has to be the least of your worries. If you wanna actually expand, just look into the sky at night on a clear evening. And tell me we haven’t missed the mark, tell me our capacity for mass awareness has been accomplished. IT HASN’T!!! And we should be ashamed!! We just haven’t even begun, and that should worry us greatly.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Just Some Controversial Thoughts


And lets not forget, the fact that you also believe that this Cosmic being is the same in three separate forms. So, when you look at it in those terms God had sex with his own Mother, so that he could be born inside her in human form. I think you know what we call that, I don’t have to remind you. 😉 Then again, you’ll try to justify it by saying “Chris, just accept it because God”.Right? You can’t say virgin births happen, no one has ever had children of their own without having sex. IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!!!

Where do people come up with these things man, its like we just put logic and reasoning away and don’t think for ourselves. Why? Because, Hope? Well, if you’re waiting on him to come save you… i’ll be sure to put in a few dollars in for the road trip fund. maybe he’ll use it for gas money and treats to get there. This is all creepy is what I’m saying, its all one big ball of fucking odd. Why can’t we just die, and let be the end of it? I’m perfectly content with taking an extensive nap. =)

P.S. If my Dad can laugh at it on Fathers Day, then you can to. =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger