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A Rant/Reponse To A Misguided Soul


My Face When Coming Into Contact With Such An Individual

Argument as to why the MCU is better than the DCEU.

And I quote…

“I think Marvel just has had the ability to flesh out their characters more, people connect with it on a deeper level. And find it far more appealing than anything Snyder and company have done.”

My Response- Ok fair point, very generic but its fair. But lets think about it this way, the only character as of Dawn Of Justice that doesn’t have a long history is Cyborg. “That we know of” WB is planning a entire slate of movies, but to start from the very beginning just seems pointless. Would you want yet another origin story for character’s you’ve already seen? I doubt it, and its really not something the general audience craves either I wouldn’t say. To say that “WB’s is just catching up”. Completely negates the idea that, these characters have already been established in that world. There’s no need to start from square one, you don’t need to take 10 plus years to make that kind of a statement. Say the pacing is off on that film, in certain instances yes you would be correct. But to say that WB is concerned with following a specific way of doing things, when you could just as well do it another. Is in a way counter productive in itself as well.

It has cohesion just as much as the MCU does, but not in the way you might want it to. Every approach is different, it doesn’t have to be that way just because in your mind it works. This is a gigantic misfire, and that is why the rivalry is so heated. Because when something comes first, everyone jumps on it and demands that everyone do it that way. People complain about movies being the same these days, yet have something totally different to say to another studio that is trying to establish their own world. Its not how the world works, people don’t do everything the same way. If we did, life would be one big ball of fucking dull. When you have a writers imagination, you tend to comprehend things differently.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


The Pro’s And Con’s Of Civil War


1. Spider-Man “Holland nails Parker in every facet entirely, whoever brought him in is fucking AWESOME”!!!!
2. Black Panther “One of the few arcs I found to be heartfelt and honest to the character”.
3. The dichotomy of multiple errors, which was played out masterfully. It was the climax of a sexual experience, and it blew its load completely all at the right time.
4. Moments from the Novel, you saw multiple panels paid tribute to on several fronts. Hats off to the MCU for doing it, you didn’t need a shot by shot experience for this one. You just needed your nods, and I was satisfied with that alone.
5. You made me hate Tony Stark, in which I see no pathway where that changes. =) “There’s no way that’s considered a Con in my mind”. HAHA!!

1. Captain America giving up the Shield, it wasn’t the right time to do it. That should have been saved for Steve doing something unforgivable, and where he needed to be stripped of it by Government officials. Someone saying “You don’t deserve this” is no justification for that to take place. That’s where they missed the mark, unlike the Novel that delivered such a thing beautifully.
2. Vision almost killing Rhodes, it was a huge mistake to pin that on him. After making such progress with him in this film, I felt that should have gone to someone else. I think Barton would have been pretty fucking cool, maybe have him be on the run for being a double Agent. I’m not saying it wasn’t a killer moment, but I felt they wasted it on Vision and his nature. Because well, is someone like that really going to understand what he did? Its kind of like a puppy piddling on the carpet, they just don’t get it.
3. Wanda wasn’t angry enough, she had lost her brother and many others in her home country. There wasn’t much to convince me as to why she should be fighting anyone in Civil War. At least show her fighting the urge to kill someone, you know something that showcases her bond with Pietro surfacing. Tony kept her locked up in a room, at least attempt to utilize one of your most powerful Avengers more in that sense. I didn’t feel her rage like I had in AOU, there was just like “Oh hey, I’m just sitting here being a perfectly good teammate.” Given yes, she was held hostage… but that just gave her and Vision time to chat it up. USE HER!!!! Have her fuck with the other side “Especially Stark” she could do it!!!
4. I would have loved to have seen another mercenary surface to meddle in the business of the teams. Task Master perhaps? I don’t know, its just a thought. Zemo was acceptable, but I didn’t exactly feel him doing all that he did in the film. Yes, the man had all the motivation in the world to do those things. But the execution didn’t seem realistic, and someone else could have been used for such an occasion.
5. Why was Ant Man apart of this movie? Other than to fondles Steve’s boobs and grow? I’m still confused, I found his arc to be so far beyond pointless. He did earn the moniker of pest, if that’s what they were going for I suppose they succeeded.
That’s all I will say for now, if I think of other things I will add it later. =)
Does it deserve the title of “One Of The Best Comic Book Movies Ever”? Not really, but its a giant leap in the direction that needs to be taken desperately.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Thoughts On The MCU Spider-Man Film


With Michael Keaton officially signed on to play the villain, in the upcoming 2017 feature film “Spider-Man Homecoming”. I figured id throw in a few ideas, of what I would like to see from the main antagonist Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. Of course, none of us truly know it will indeed be him. But I think its a safe bet, and you can take that to the bank and cash it in. Where should Toomes fit into the story itself?

Well, he should be an Inhuman that comes into contact with the Terrigen Mist, shortly after the arc began in Agents Of Shield. Having his ability’s manifest sort of how a Mutants would. To tie in the Civil War arc, as well as bringing in Kingpin into the picture. Fisk should have his hands in just about everything, it would be interesting to make Toomes his weapons Manufacturer. Dealing with people behind the scenes, that way the explanation would only have to be briefly put in. And Keaton wouldn’t have to make any sort of cameos in shows later. Although who wouldn’t get behind that?!?!? 😉

I think Toomes should be mysterious, he needs to have a reputation before hand of a figure without flaws. This idea, that you have to give villains a back story of pain and suffering. To me is sort of not necessary, and can be retconed entirely for this film in particular. Don’t make his wings mechanical in nature, give him actual fucking wings man!!! GIVE IT SOME BALLS!!!! His only problem, would be his constant criticism of his appearance. That could bring in a brief period of the audience potentially getting behind him. Because you need to have at least a percentage of compassion. Toomes should have zero connections, his only ally and friend is Wilson Fisk. They watch each others back, and protect one another from outside interference.

Where does Iron Man come into this? Well, Tony should be living with Rhodes. Continuing to work on his rehab, which seems to be devolving and becoming less effective. Stark doesn’t understand why the prosthesis isn’t working, and he rely’s on the genius of Peter Parker to construct a new technology. That allows people to synthetically alter their spine functionality, this not only comes out of the MIT fundraiser he put into himself. But it brings forth a new type of healing, and it all is derived from Peter’s immune system. Together, they are able to do things with that DNA that most scientist only dream of. It gives people a second chance at living normal, and finally gives Stark a way at redemption.

Peter should casually hack into by mistake, and discover what Toomes and Fisk are doing behind the vale of secrecy. Being that he is photographer, he is able to get inside places with a press pass that no one could. Peter should actually be the Edward Snowden of the MCU quite frankly, he should be the one to expose not only the Kingpins activity’s, but also Government files that people on the other side would be dying to get their hands on. Peter should be a force to be reckoned with physically, as well as mentally superior to most people except for Stark and Banner. Which they should be equals in those terms, Peter lives the every day life of a young up and coming Teenager. But he is something far greater, and only a few can really see it. Marvel should keep Peter’s identity anonymous to virtually everyone. If people need to know, and the situation becomes dire. Then he can go ahead and reveal it, but then and only then should he do so. Let’s keep this sacred, at least for the time being.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Avengers Age Of Ultron “Short N Sweet Review”

So many epic moments, but the ones that stood out for me. All featured The Vision, couldn’t have gotten a better person to play him then PB!!! Cap establishing himself as the true leader!! Even though we all knew that’s how it would go. I’m glad they gave Barton a spotlight, it was well deserved. Ultron, he was better than I could have ever written him. Marvel finally addresses the trash villains Ape in the room. And also they gave us team work, flawless team work!! And even in dire straights the good guys found a way!! Which isn’t that why we love them? I think Civil War and Infinity War will give us something different though, what is a Hero without his honor? What happens when you face a challenge you can’t beat? Death itself will make its presence felt, and it’s how they deal with that, that will ultimately determine a legacy. I still need Marvel to make me feel real casualties. And until they do that, nothing they do can or will be perfected. And just to make it clear, I’m speaking on Civilian death. I gave the first Avengers an 8.5, overall I felt AOU was a better cinematic experience. So it gets a 9 for just that by itself, it beats out Winter Solider by a very miniscule margin. So, to date it is my favorite Marvel Studios project

Contrubutor- Chris Ballenger