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Paradoxical Invoice


Shivers insightly, in the moon lit forgery insulated in scrimmages. Fondly insinuating the broken shilvery once found in a whisper and cleanly outdated. These showers pour onto you, you can feel the cold wet backlash in the shoreline. The moister hits the greenery, as it screams to be filled for it is gluttenas. It gags, suffering and frothing at the mouth in a purely isolated and secret that never was told. We’ve all come so far to stop now, we are swines in our own guilty pleasures. We all fell foolish, in a damming place full of unwanted inquires and chain letters. You write these words in someone else’s blood, smeared with the innocence of the ones that basked in holy anguish.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Bloody Confection

argo-movie-quote-courage-living-fear-deathThe green muck, overcoming the winds of change. Choking at the seams, overpowering these periods of show and tell on board a ship at sea. The water spearheads your appearances, overlapping the construct that lays before your crying eyes. Funds don’t buy the hungry mantra, the comedic leisure finds you in pain of mind.  I blew up your pleasure trove, for these gold schillings have a seal of approval.  The squadron overflows the war torn majesty, you boldly embark on a trustworthy mission. Toiling in the weeds, your shoes slap against mud, they seem to be stuck. You raise one hand to the skies, clouds are seen as pillows ready for you to collapse. Hands grasp at your ankles, as you fight for the future of this generation.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

A Blessing In Torrant


Animals crawl on their elbows, searching for a place of refuge. These plains seems rigged, as if a blade came through and chopped it to small cubed dials. You gaze on the surface, wondering if this would be your last moment to wonder. The waters would boil from your eyes that enveloped fiery reigns.  The foliage collapses on itself, almost as if to tell you that its end is nigh. You don’t want this to be true, you would scorn the seas to make bread to surpass these ungrateful hours. The winds cackle in defiance, it heats up your void from being exposed to mans disgrace for long enough. The bells dispurce, for you know in time this cannot be what is reality. These blessings, they fall under your skin for you bleed for this candor.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

The Tiny Breech


The annoying breech, bagging against the wall could not be more evading. I wish I knew its origin, where it may be located in further evidence I cannot know. Those noises, they are pushing against me like a mighty rushing hurricane. It polishes the floor, with boiled cinder slithering inside it like a viper. Incandescent in these speeches, you try to trace the bashing but still cannot place the bricks in which slam into your spine. You believe them to be intruders, do you fight against this. Or will you flee this folly,  you determine and knock against it waiting for a response. You hear another, yet this time it is a fleeting murmur. It stays positioned on the other side, knocking against the plain. Did you check your foundation, or did it win out the conflict right under your nose. They all seem to track you at once, for which do you approach first.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Wageless Sinners

movie quotes family ecard

movie quotes family ecard

Diamonds enriched and sprayed in chloroform, slathered about in a pouched roof top awaiting the kindred workings of a townsmen. Lost in the forward bridge, moved about intolerant of the giant feuding ageless blot. It wins in format, a carpeted truce intertwined in a blued out staged rimming. An cold scoundrel, shivers for its mother to comfort its scarce resources. A blaze of wonder, for the school children among the fiery breast of the dragon Goddess. Wars that are waged in the filtered welts, brands on the foreheads of the sheep who worship time itself. You believe in these relocs, the endangered deity’s that are perishing before your very eyes. One hundred thousand beats, they block your ears from listening to the real threat approaching. Maximum powered, for it is in this you did not understand the strife of the wageless.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Art Is Your Sword


A vibrating heart, beats in desire of a new life continued. Its ripped from the chest of thievery, falling onto the floor with a thud. Words are not a weapon, if not preficed for a special momentary lapse of candor. Found in the mere glances, and funny bursts of satirical ecstasy implosions. He bleeds for you on the pavement, his bright and shimmering grin overtakes your reservations of approach. The shock and awe of bombs in a fever pitched mockery, cannot save you from this viciousness. These dogs run to you, but still find themselves tripping in the mud of their own frail bones. I find myself in these moments, glances at the blackened sun rise, wondering if in time we will find tranquility. 

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

In A Mansion Held Under


A stadium session, houses a million rows of candid alligents. They sway their two stepping feet to the music of broadly, like a stroke of a keychain hurling against a glass table. Inherently pleasured, funds within the caves of the chipped teeth.  You chisel away at that rock, the foundation that has played you for a fool. Planets cannot see your  stirring of this pot, the stew you are so enthralled with designing. You brush with death, scattering them to the forewinds of nalism. The directional shoreline, little green leaves hit the ground prodding against the churning gravel. One less category to brag about in the forward, these movements cause panic in the rooms of amnesty. These hateful choices are optional, nothing is mandatory even in a mendacious existence.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger