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Man Of Steel Rumors “Thoughts On The Direction”


An intriguing way to introduce Brainiac, would be to have him be a program that has been dwelling throughout the cosmos for milliana. He’s survived due to his persistence and invulnerability to the majority of defenses, and constant desire to gain access to information. He’s basically a algorithm, but Brainiac isn’t essentially what you call evil. He has been around since the inception of the Multi Verse.

You could give him a role sort of how they wanted Parallax to be in the GL original movie, Brainiac isn’t really a person. He begins his journey as more of an intent to bring about purpose to other civilizations, however some don’t see a need for it and resist. His design is to make these events happen regardless of what has to be done, and what primarily begins to become problematic are his choice of methods.

He believes in bringing those that choose another life with him, sort of a Cult Leader in that aspect. He is worshiped as a God like figure, and seen as someone who has no flaws. How does Kara fit into this story, well there’s always another side to the coin. Brainiac doesn’t kill people, in fact that is one of the few things that separates him from others Superman has faced prior. Since he is all about learning, he has a fascination with pushing the limits of different species.

Brainiac is seen as a God, but he is more or less just a Scientific figure. He wants to learn, and purify and illuminate those to his level of consciousness. Clark begins to research his Kryptonian history, and delve into it much deeper than ever before. And starts to notice a pattern, of how Krypton was destroyed very similarly to other planets. Yes it was due to a surge in Geo Engineering, as well as a corrupt society hitting a peak of corruption.

But what makes this story so compelling I feel, is why it all began that way. Brainiac infiltrates systems, he begins to show the errors in dialogue as well as the way people are pushed out because they are different. Brainiac doesn’t have a motive, other than to assist in a process, but for the likes of Superman its not seen as a welcoming conjecture. Brainiac exposes the cruelest parts of men’s hearts, its all apart of the purification process that no one can seem to comprehend.

Its all really a character study of duality, what do we all consider to be good and evil? Its sort of how Agent Smith is viewed in the Matrix, on one hand he is seen as a corrupt program. On another, he is viewed as a liberator in a sense. Its all in the way you personally look at it, so from this point of view Brainiac could actually begin to gather sympathizers to his cause. People who are willing to die for his cause to make things “Better”. This would be a different take on most Superhero stories of our day. It would bring to the forefront a speculation, of what we all consider to be good for us or not. What is selfishness? And how do we approach subjects for the greater good of humanity.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Wood Chipped Forearms


Breath into my pathway, run from the varment pursuing your stillness. You sleep on the checkered flag, racing through your head of wondrous catchings.  Your fighters tread in the light of confusion and chaos. The opposition feels a heel pressing against its templed nerves. Legions of four legged creatures, embark on a journey through your desolation. Only fit for the haze, wood chipped grinders and gashes found you in contempt. The kicks are egregious, newly found in forces. Blocks fall to the floor, crashing into the walless shrinking brigade. Slabs cut your hands, figures one to another why we cannot solve this equivocal splendor. Taking deep reverberated slights, rumbling forth in an eccentric leisure. Determination comes at a cost,  are you prepared to take this loss.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

In A Mansion Held Under


A stadium session, houses a million rows of candid alligents. They sway their two stepping feet to the music of broadly, like a stroke of a keychain hurling against a glass table. Inherently pleasured, funds within the caves of the chipped teeth.  You chisel away at that rock, the foundation that has played you for a fool. Planets cannot see your  stirring of this pot, the stew you are so enthralled with designing. You brush with death, scattering them to the forewinds of nalism. The directional shoreline, little green leaves hit the ground prodding against the churning gravel. One less category to brag about in the forward, these movements cause panic in the rooms of amnesty. These hateful choices are optional, nothing is mandatory even in a mendacious existence.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

The Prince Of Intention


Bright and bold charlatans, moving along side proof of purchase in a store of candid pastorians. These hunters focus their eyes in a water bed riddled with bonuses. Stranded in a car floor, trapped screaming its majester. These fighters brace for the fall, encompassing and in a summer fled oath. Gold markings, it hasn’t seen its brightest day in a long while. Gaping holes, impenetrable and lazy on the mounted doorway. The continents falls into to the oceanic breeze, compressed with blood soaked towelettes. Pacing back and forward, for the feast of injustices done to the boys in these strangers lives. We didn’t love you, we instead failed to see the worth in our wonderment and tired hushed light.  The apples fall, they hit the steal with a glorious jolt of damage. He views the party below him, scratching his neck of the filthy stench abroad.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Fillers In A Town Car

Overextended and compacted, inside the hinges of a cross contaminated breech. Moving outward, like a whale entrenched on its duty to breath the gas fumes. This is a bloody conflict, brought into the fold for unblemished entrenchment. Folded by paper weights, in a bland sunny and dry existence. So he finds you in the hold, in these broodish boils of anguish and intolerance legions. Your beatles crawl on the pavement, smashing their loathful philanthropy. Slimy as it gazes into the world of inconsistencies, forth brands and antiquation on the skin sprawled like a painful lashing. Where did you reside in these towns, do you break the walls of irregularity. These pools of substance and vibrance, fueled by torment and indignation. Bloody mysticism, it can be found in the darkest parts of a soul embellished and intertwined in a hole of defiance.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Soup Kitchen Anarchy


Stuck inside the wonderment of a malicious analogy, collapsing under the weight inside the lungs of a cupids embrace. Loving warmth, can be sensed for miles even for the most despicable sections of a mans soul. The white static crackles in the distance, moving ever so close to an ultimate victory. Doors shake from a call so pure, bursting open spreading joyful gratification. Flying through the air, whimsical and in waiting. This spirit cannot be drowned out by this, maybe one day you’ll see for yourself.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Thoughts On Superman/Snyder Dynamic


That’s the thing, Superman had to begin his journey as a very flawed human being. Always back tracking, consistently second guessing his own purpose. In fact if you pay attention closely in MOS, you’ll see this transition happen seamlessly. He starts out as a very lost traveler, he discovers the extent of his ability’s and after that almost becomes to big for his britches.

He fights a completely unknown force, of which he know’s nothing about. Only to the extent of what Jor El chose to share with him. He simply wanted Clark to find his own way, Johnathan did as well. But he also wanted Clark to make the right call, when the time was right to do so. He didn’t want him to take a step too early, for fear of being judged by another race harshly. If that battle with Zod didn’t happen when it did, the people would have had time to focus in on Clark as a potential enemy himself.

He realizes that he has to choose, between two worlds he barely even knows. He goes with his human half, the only reason why this takes a back seat in Dawn Of Justice. Is because Clark is questioning that call entirely in the previous film. He is wondering, if leaving with his remaining species may have been the best option. Because no one understands why he did the things he did, and as per usual they focus in on the deaths. Instead of the fact, that he was the only one capable of defending them. And did this to the best of his ability, at the time when he was just discovering his own biology.

Clark wants to be that Hero we all know and love, but without this road to this point it wouldn’t feel as authentic. You have to put these heroes feet to the fire, you have to test them in multiple ways. Clark’s decision fighting Doomsday was saying, “Ok, I now understand what this all means, and I am ready to be the shining beacon on the hill”. Batman understood this, after the revelation of his Mother prior to Clark’s death at the hands of Doomsday. He understood that he was just trying to save his family, and that is why it happened the way it did. He brought out a compassionate side of Bruce that had been long forgotten.

When you see Superman again, he will be the hero we all wish for him to be. But before that? This all had to happen, it was all a necessity to get here to this point. This whole road, was about getting Superman to this place. You had to deconstruct, a seemingly unbreakable God like figure. And rip him apart, to finally bring him to the forefront of savior. You will see who he really is now, and he will accept it without delay.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger