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Snowden “Film Review/Analysis”


This of course begins as a story about a normal man, with exuberant and one could argue exacerbated fantasy’s. Of what he see’s as the world he wants to believe in, yet as it follows as our man begins to slowly drip away like a damp rag. Which is funny because, you don’t really expect it from him of all people. Yet as much of a prodigy as Snowden clearly is, he is so much more than that under the surface. He simply wants to do the right thing, no matter the cost. Which is what we all want right? I already was fully aware of how great Joseph Gordon Levitt is, but this shows just how impenetrable he is as an actor. He is charming, and yet distant which is what you’d think a guy like Snowden would be.

The thing that makes this so good, is he’s just as vulnerable as you or I would be. It didn’t necessarily glorify him, as this sort of God like figure. Why in the world would you need to do that? But what it did do for his case, is simply put it in your face clear as day. This was a man on a mission, and he was willing to lose it all to make a difference in the world today. In the world of mass surveillance, he didn’t have to do this!! In fact, he could have just kept his trap shut like so many I am sure demanded of him. But he didn’t, and if you can’t grasp why that’s so heroic in itself. I feel genuinely sorry for you, and realize that most probably would never want to be in his position. Snowden did what others refused to do, because he knew it needed to be done.

I would recommend you see this, if for no other reason than to try and understand what he was trying to accomplish. I get it, I have since it happened. It requires critical thinking to comprehend it, in which I’m sorry to say some don’t really possess in our world. I can’t say whether or not it had an impact, but what I can say is Snowden did what he thought was right. Did it put us at risk? As opposed to any other time in history in comparison? No, I really don’t think so not in retrospect. As he said many times, we have to hold our officials accountable. They either work for you, or they don’t. Some of us have lost sight of that, because we’d rather stay safe and secure. That’s not what this country was founded on, is he a traitor? In my opinion, no not in the least bit. But then again, I’m not the deciding factor. It was a great movie, and showed you how difficult the journey was to get where he is today. 8/10 One of the best films of the year, bar none!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


A Thousand Whimpers


Crystallized extremes, surging amongst the stowaways. The heat in the kitchen is far too intense for this one. The hair in savagery, claws your eyes selfishlessly from a whole. In the ring inside the roost, it feels final and true. Lintel spews out of the smaller holes in the wooden carrier, the pressing issue forges an equation  out of an impossibility.  Swords clash in the war torn rooms, flash bang egos and withering settlers. With strive to push for a certain path, you didn’t know where this would lead your campaign. You found the beauty in transition, in a determined shout of a thousand whimpers. For it is in the damaged foundation, that we all find peace.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Winds Of Indifference


Winds pear to view your activity’s from days into weeks, the brisk air hits your face but is searing from the sunlight. Piercing your skin with spears, made of hot iron tips. They gleefully taunt you, never anticipating a come back. Writhing in agony, you work tirelessly for the advantage but it never comes. Without the elemental awareness, feeding your senses that no person can win the prize. An introduction is feasible, without a withered eye in hinderance of blotting your features. A pack filled with false sequences,  it moves from your grip but maybe you comprehend why. Forever will I be your anchor, in the blinded eyes of the fortress of wonder. We chase the light from your embodiment, the foregrounds lift in defiance in a realm of indifference. 

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Wood Chipped Forearms


Breath into my pathway, run from the varment pursuing your stillness. You sleep on the checkered flag, racing through your head of wondrous catchings.  Your fighters tread in the light of confusion and chaos. The opposition feels a heel pressing against its templed nerves. Legions of four legged creatures, embark on a journey through your desolation. Only fit for the haze, wood chipped grinders and gashes found you in contempt. The kicks are egregious, newly found in forces. Blocks fall to the floor, crashing into the walless shrinking brigade. Slabs cut your hands, figures one to another why we cannot solve this equivocal splendor. Taking deep reverberated slights, rumbling forth in an eccentric leisure. Determination comes at a cost,  are you prepared to take this loss.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Neon Nations


They press into you, foolish lips press against the cardboard cutout. A dried out masonry, found buried in the sand lifeless in folding. These numbers appear in your minds eye, revealing measurements of time and continuations. You brought a machine to be punished for its crimes. Clocks have hand written sentiments, but do not have comprehension of voyeurism. Platelets and Cinderblocks, jab into each others templates. Those color coordinators, they love a structurized phantasm. They pursue your distance flourishes, founding of a mindful candor. You bled for your followers, they wreaked of treachery in these chairs. One found a bridge to other worlds, bound to embark on journey’s you would only find in story books.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Paradoxical Invoice


Shivers insightly, in the moon lit forgery insulated in scrimmages. Fondly insinuating the broken shilvery once found in a whisper and cleanly outdated. These showers pour onto you, you can feel the cold wet backlash in the shoreline. The moister hits the greenery, as it screams to be filled for it is gluttenas. It gags, suffering and frothing at the mouth in a purely isolated and secret that never was told. We’ve all come so far to stop now, we are swines in our own guilty pleasures. We all fell foolish, in a damming place full of unwanted inquires and chain letters. You write these words in someone else’s blood, smeared with the innocence of the ones that basked in holy anguish.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Light Footed And Lost


She floats in the afterbirth of occasion, massively shot outside of the founded mass of wanting a burnt lesion. You watch her from afar, she ignores your advances not because of her indifference. But because there isn’t a fondness, a gifted and dark mantera and forward they move in seclusion. Their light footed and lost, in a universe filled with floods of belligerent fires. They burn as they draw stiletto’s to the ground, painting a monstrosity in elusive defiance. You want to intertwine, you want to interact but something keeps you guessing. She looks the the prizm, shaping the dialect as they see fit. These words have no meaning, they begin to find out what all of this is for. Will you struggle with her, or press against the suppression. Resistance is pointless, you will bleed no matter the resolution.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger