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The Prince Of Intention


Bright and bold charlatans, moving along side proof of purchase in a store of candid pastorians. These hunters focus their eyes in a water bed riddled with bonuses. Stranded in a car floor, trapped screaming its majester. These fighters brace for the fall, encompassing and in a summer fled oath. Gold markings, it hasn’t seen its brightest day in a long while. Gaping holes, impenetrable and lazy on the mounted doorway. The continents falls into to the oceanic breeze, compressed with blood soaked towelettes. Pacing back and forward, for the feast of injustices done to the boys in these strangers lives. We didn’t love you, we instead failed to see the worth in our wonderment and tired hushed light. ¬†The apples fall, they hit the steal with a glorious jolt of damage. He views the party below him, scratching his neck of the filthy stench abroad.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Vibrant Calamity


These mongrels came for you in the moment of anguish, advertised as sensible prism’s in the boat filled with water and lacerations. Cut deeply, in form from the outer spaces. Accompanied by withered and wrinkled mantels, in which you become less favorable. Bloated and packed with privileges. Did he promise you these riches, did these things become your space of pleasures. Stacked one on top of the other, you begin to feel the pressure of adulthood. These pyramids are breaking your stride, you fall to the ground as it gives. Your knee’s buckle, as the sands of time pierce your wit and valor. Crunching and invigoration, it laughs at your attempts to keep afloat crashing into your shield afoot for the feast.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

King Arthur (Film Review)


My very first official viewing of this was back in 2006, I’m not really certain at what point in the year it was. It really didn’t intrigue me enough to give it a go when I first saw the trailer. But my bleeding heart just had to give it an opportunity at some point, in which the cut I saw was pretty awful. I suppose there was redeeming qualities, at the very least a few? I thought the concept of it all was pretty well thought out, and there was definitely more to be said. I always enjoy getting to see something different, but when it doesn’t pan out like I anticipate. It makes me less inclined to give ambitious projects a shot. Which brings me to the full cut, the entire cake if you will. =)

These characters were fully realized, you got the sense that this was about more than just a struggle to survive an imperial rein. This had all the best features of a movie like Brave Heart, the polarizing leader who’s intent is to bring his followers and their family’s out of obscurity. A true presence, Clive Owen probably shines more in this role. Than anything I have seen from him previously to now. Nothing seemed unique, in comparison to say his part in Sin City. Everything else he tried to do, seemed almost half ass if you will? He exuded a Mel Gibson type portrayal which is impossible to do mind you. Given that Brave Heart was such a God send, and so beautifully shot frame to frame. Was this movie perfect? No, it didn’t really bring much else other than that to it. Even the directors cut seemed a tad bit lacky in certain terms.

My favorite role out of this entire movie, was Triston played by the incomparable Mads Mickleson!! If it weren’t for him, I may have turned this off at the climax. I guess I am trying to say I hung in for him? HAHA!! One of the things that got to me the most about this, was the insatiable need for them to pin these men against each other. I completely agree for the fact that these times were troubling, but there was little to no need for the bickering in the ranks. Some of them seemed almost like they were trying to find reasons not to follow Arthur. And I kept wondering why it was necessary at all to do such a thing. Sometimes the interactions seemed fake, and that what was so disappointing for me as a fan of these stories. Where was the loyalty for Arthur, it almost seemed to me that they were trying to tell a completely off base story. Just for the sake of being “Original” whatever that means in this case.

Arthur’s faith in God never wavered, he continued to do whatever he was asked simply because he believed it was the valiant thing to do. No matter how bogus a mission, no matter how unfair it might seem to an audience member. I suppose in that sense it was shown to be fitting. If fitting was pressuring a pair of tightly knit jeans to your buttocks. This movie had its shining moments in the sun, and then it completely faltered in so many other ways. I merely struggled to stay in the world, and that’s a problem when you are attempting to enjoy something in this manner. Would I recommend it, not if you are easily bored by often slow builds. Which often that’s what this has to offer, good qualities and bad all wrapped into one flick. The whole thing just wasn’t worth much, I wanted to like it for what it was but couldn’t. Maybe in a few decades, I can appreciate it as a guilty pleasure but not much more than that.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Damned to Do

I close my eyes and breathe, pretend it’s all a dream. The trials, the errs, falling flat on my face after giving my all. It’s the words I didn’t say, the actions I gave you that I never gave before. It’s knowing who I am and expecting more than I am. It’s rushing to conclusions that I was foolish to believe. It’s trusting a heart that no longer beats.

I’m a hopeless person, hoping one day I’ll be okay. Believe me when I say I’m happy for you, because I am. No matter how conflicted it makes me feel, your happiness and peace of mind mean more to me than I myself do.

It’s in my nature to be bitter and vindictive. My base instincts to make to make you feel as disgusting, ensnared, licentious, as you made me feel. To sin is to err and I’m the Queen of the Damned. It’s in my blood; envy, lust, wrath, greed. To want you to want me in the same way, but not all sinners are as damned to do as I am. It takes a special type of sinner to put themselves through Hell in the name of punishment for being what they cannot change. False virtue can never turn the damned into Saints.

I never pretended to be a virtuous soul. Virtue is for the save-able, something I could never be; will never be. I’ve never been one to delude myself into believing I was something more than expendable, more than a placeholder for the more desirable someone they really wanted. I was the twit who, for a moment, believed I was something more than temporary. Those who believe contrary forget, all life is temporary; some of us more so than others.

The truth is, a sinner is a sinner; damned to do, damned to want, damned to love. The pious sinners masquerading as Saints, fooling everyone, including themselves, into thinking they are more than they are. The sinners who damn themselves for wrongs they can never forgive themselves for. I’m the Queen of the Damned, stuck paying for sins I’ll never be able to repent, but never will I believe I deserve more than I am. The sinner of sinners; living blind, learning to love the sins in my blood.

Contributor ~ Amanda Zober

Where I Must Draw The Line

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about delving into this subject. But I figured, why did I create this blog in the first place? To tackle the issues that I was personally frightened of, and to make sure I didn’t look back with regret. Questioning whether or not people would like me, or appreciate anything that I had to say. I guess that’s half the battle when it comes to doing this thing we call “Writing”. Making double sure we know what we want to say, and on top of all of that being honest with ourselves in those words we speak. So, here I go folks, diving into the deepest ocean and not coming up for air for awhile.

I am fed up with Religious ideas, where people will say the following “Well, we don’t have anything to worry about because we are going to be in a better place”. Sure, you have every right to believe something like that. But what about your life here? Is it really that meaningless, or are you just that fucking selfish? Where you’d abandon all reason, and give up and wait for some savior to come and get you and take you home? I take real issue with that type of thinking, because we do still have a life to live here. And waiting on something that may not even take place all together, to me is just one of the most foolish things you could do. Would Christ or Muhammad¬†or whomever, want you to sit on your hands and wait for a liberator to rescue you? Or would that individual want you to do all you could to take care of yourself, and the family that you supposedly hold dear to your heart?

Why can’t you prepare, because we all know something is bound to happen. Would you be content with leaving someone behind, knowing you could have done everything you possibly could to help them thrive? I don’t think religious people actually think about that, and it’s a really sad reality that most don’t even consider. And I can’t even bring myself to laugh at you, because it’s just straight up pathetic knowing that you believe that. That’s its perfectly alright for you to go “Oh, no God will take care of us, or we’ll just die and everything will be fine” Yea, you may not have to worry about it, but what about everyone else that is still here? I challenge anyone, and I do mean anyone, to come forward and debate with me on this issue. Because, I have personally had it up my eyes with this notion of “Delusions Of Grandeur” because to me? When you actually have a life to live for the here and now, what happens after this should be the farthest from your mind. Because when shit really hits the fan, you will all pray for your God to save you. And I guarantee the first thing he’ll say is “I told you to make preparation, but did you?”

Alright, that’s just my little rant for the night. Had to get that off my chest, due to recent conversation.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Short n Sweet Review “Exodus God’s And Kings”

I think I will do these more often…

I still prefer “The Ten Commandments” however, Exodus seemed to stand on it’s own quite well. Moses was a liberator more than he was a prophet in this one. And God just seemed liked a pissed off little kid, which was literally how he was portrayed at times. Joel Edgerton stole the show without a doubt as Ramses. It kind of made you almost feel sorry for him as man, even though equally the damage done was massive on both ends. Seeing it from a Secular viewpoint was interesting, it didn’t feel as shoved in your face. It was as if these two people were just trying to find their way. Scott know’s how to do visuals, and battle scenes with the best of them. 7/10

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

Innocence, Death and Zombies Films

Today, my mother and I took my sons (12 and 5) to the cemetery, to visit the graves of my father and brother. From there, things only a child could say caused hilarity.
First my five year old asked, “Are we going to see Paw Paw (local vernacular for grandfather) and dead Uncle Matthew?” We replied yes. Once at the grave site, he asked if we were going to dig them up. Which of course we responded no! He then asked why they died. We told him that everyone dies. He responds by asking when he was going to die. We told him we don’t know and we hope we never will.
He asked us where they were, my mom replied that they were in Heaven, with Jesus. He asked, rather annoyed, “Why didn’t Jesus just heal them?!” We were at a loss to explain that one. So we showed them my grandfather’s plot. My grandfather (91) paid not only for his plot, but his headstone, years ago. My little one asked, “Is Pop (my grandfather’s title, for us) buried there?” We responded, no, you see him every weekend. He responded with a disappointed, “Oh.”
The child like view of death that he has is amazing. What is truly offensive, from an adult is actual comedy, when a child sees something that can not be explained, easily, to anyone.So place some flowers on a grave of a loved one, just don’t dig them up!

Contributor- Brian Holder