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Angry Ants In Anomalies


The target emerged in irreverent mutiny, botching the arrow pin prick for mere satisfaction. It hints at modesty to be put in a position of dominance. No blood for the wicked ones, no fines for the trespassers. Gleefully exalting the sky cranes, they appear to be flying but only falling from grace. These mentors scorn him, for being truthful in erroneous fashion shows. Bald boys find meaning in a song, for it is the only help in a moment of kindness. They search for the love they couldn’t in society, they lavishly push against a system that has abandoned them. Moves made in treason, it cannot be that much longer, surely the road is leading us someplace.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


Just Gotta Say This (Tiny Rant)


You know what I find so ridiculous in our world? We have potential to expand our reach into Space, doing things right now that guys like Tesla and other scientists only had wet dreams about. And what are we concerned with? A little ole terrorist cell in the middle east, WE HAVE AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE AT OUR DISPOSAL!!!! There’s potential all around us, we haven’t even explored half of the deepest parts of our oceans. And all you can think about is if our Supreme Court doesn’t rule to your liking. Thinking so small, is why people succumb to horrific acts like prejudice/racism. If we got on board, and did some actual real stuff. Think of all that would be possible, we’d never fight again as a people.

Real shit would get accomplished, I’m not saying we don’t get bombarded with distractions daily. We do, and its just as much the fault of the corrupt media as anyone else. However if we thought bigger than we do, just think about the possibilities. Maintaining a system of Government, just for the sake of security has to be the least of your worries. If you wanna actually expand, just look into the sky at night on a clear evening. And tell me we haven’t missed the mark, tell me our capacity for mass awareness has been accomplished. IT HASN’T!!! And we should be ashamed!! We just haven’t even begun, and that should worry us greatly.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger