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Short n Sweet Review “Kingsman Secret Service”

Walking into this one, I wasn’t really aware of this films origin. It was kind of surprising to me because I consider myself an avid Comic Book reader/collector. I’m sort of glad that I didn’t read it prior to the experience, because I know I would have had high expectations. And more than likely wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I actually did. While there was greatness about this film, it seemed as if this film was an outright parody of Spy films. I suppose one of the best utilized things about this film, was the slow motion panning of the camera angles. It didn’t become an annoyance in the actions sequences, like so many times where you wanna throw something at the screen. I thought the actor choice for the villain could have been better. I wasn’t threatened at all by Jackson, he wasn’t scary but I suppose it wasn’t really the point. Not every bad guy in films is so cut and dry, if they were it would be boring, and there would be zero depth. It’s also refreshing to discover younger actors, that will more than likely have a big future. If they keep on picking films like this to bring our there talents more frequently.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger