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Max’s day

Contributor: Skyler Holmes

Max-*Walking into the school*
she instantly sees her best friend Jessica.*

Jess-Hey max hows it going?

Max-Same shit different day. How about you?

Jess-*Wrapping her sleeve around her hand* could be worse I guess.

Max-you didn’t,did you?

Jess-Only a little…

Max-Jess why didn’t you talk to me?

Jess-Can we please not talk about this right now?

Max-Fine but we are talking about it.

Jess-Ok but we should both get to class

*Then Addie pushes Max out of her way*

Max-What the fuck Addie!

Addie- Oops *covering her smile with her books* Im such a cluts.

Max-Fuck you

Addie-Watch it, im not afraid to tell my dad and he’ll kick you out in a heartbeat.

Jess-Don’t max she’s not worth it.

*Max picking herself and her books off the ground*

Addie-Here let me help you With that.

*Addie leans over and spills her ice coffee all over Max. then starts to walk away with her 3 friends that have accumulated over the conversation*

*Jess can see the anger in maxes eyes*

Jess-Don’t max…please.

*Just as fast as she can Max gets up and runs after Addie. When she catches up she grabs her by the hair and slams her head against the wall repeatedly*

*Jess knowing things are about to get bad runs over to help max but even then there still out numbed 4-2*

*Jess elbows one of the preps then jumps on the other*

Max-Still wanna be a bitch? *while still swinging Addie by her hair*

Unknown-HEY!!! Knock IT OFF!

*MR.Clay runs after the girls while yelling for help from the office*

*after a few seconds the secretaries from the office come running and it takes all 3 of them to pull the girls apart*

Mr.Clay-you 3 office now! You 2 *pointing to Max and Jess don’t move*

*a few minutes go by and then the principle steps out of the office and walks the girls down to his office.*

Principle Walker- So tell me what happened.

*Both girls start yelling*

Principle Walker- whoa whoa whoa one at a time lady’s. Max why don’t you start.

Max-Your bitch daughter knocked my shit out of my hand then dumped her Fucking coffee on me!

Principal Walker-Watch your mouth!you will have respect in my office and my school!

Max- maybe I wouldn’t have a Fucking attitude if you did your job!

Principle Walker-That’s it 3 day suspension plus whatever comes out of this mess toady.

Max-Of course how dare a student stand up for themselves!

Principle Walker-It’s not about standing up for yourself it’s about your attitude. Now detention I’ll call you down after this mess is dealt with.

*the girls stand up and walk to detention walking through the hall*

Max-you didn’t have to get involved i had it handled.

Jess- are you Fucking kidding me what was I to do. Just sit there and watch 3 girls kick your ass?

Max-But now your going to be kicked out to.

Jess-Max really we both know my mom’s gonna be to drunk to do anything.

Max-Your probably right

Jess-Hows your dad going to react?

Max-I don’t know I hope I can talk my mom into not telling him.

Jess-think so?

Max-yeah I’m gonna text her when we get to detention.

*The girls walk in the room together and see only one other person, And a sleeping teacher. They set there things down and Jess pulls out her phone while max dose nothing*

Max-that guy over there is kinda creeping me out


Max- hey *snaps* Jess Jess!!!

Jess-what… Sorry I was, focused.

Max-that guy in the front he’s creeping me out.

Jess-what why? He hasn’t said a word to you.

Max-he just looks dangers and scary

Jess-oh come on look I’ll go talk to him

Max-No don’t…stop*whispering* jess get the fuck back here

*jess walks up to the unknown guy ignoring Max*

Jess-hey I’m Jessica*she sits down and starts to have a conversation*

*a few minutes pass and the phone rings waking the teacher*

Yes….ok…..yes sir

Teacher-Max Chambers office you’ll be heading home.

Max-Well see ya jess I’ll text you before my dad gets home.

Jess-Sounds good honey.

*Max walks quickly to the office with no fear but that quickly comes to an end when she walks through the office doors*


Dan-Get in the car and don’t say a word!

*Max slowly walks to her father’s truck. They get in and take off.*

*About 5 minutes from the school*

Dan-what in the fuck were you thinking?

Max-She was being a bitch an *Dan reaches over and smacks her across the face*

Dan-I Don’t know what’s fucking gotten into you but that Fucking shit better fucking stop or im going to beat it the fuck out of you!

Max-your drunk why are you driving?

Dan-Im not fu…fucking drunk.

Max-you always act like this when you drink. I’m texting mom.

*Dan grabs her phone out of her hand and tosses it out the window*

Max-Dad what the hell!!!

Dan-You just got kicked out your, lucky I don’t toss you out. An guess what.*he reaches in the back seat pulling up a bag* this morning I felt bad about breaking your laptop but guess what.*Dan pulls a brand-new laptop from the bag then throws it out the window.* now when you get to the house you go to your room and shut the fuck up or I promise I will beat the holy fuck out of you.

Max-I hate you!

Dan-Dose it look like I give a fuck?

Max-I can’t wait to leave

Dan-Same her, same fucking here


Another Run At The Wall

Don’t push me in the dirt, I’ll make you regret every bit of blood you spilled. Those lies you told the congregation, like a library filled with dirty old books that no one reads anymore. I had a feeling it would come to this, can you feel the blade piercing your side as the pain sets in nice and slow. Slicing forward and true, you edged out in mere seconds from a pathway of malice. The air smells of death and Iron, like a clasp of steel tones creeping inside and yelling for help. You were a devil, yet still unwilling to favor in front of your sinful ways. Could there be any strongholds in your wake, making sure you could not pass through. I asked you once, you glanced in the opposite direction in swift danger.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator and Contributor

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Frustration At Its Peak

Sometimes I don’t have the words to speak, its sometimes really shocking to some people when I say that. But why do I keep doing this, when the results of nothing short of catastrophic. Does anyone wanna hear me, see what I have to offer this world. I’m not sure, but its weird how you work so hard on something and its like no one cares. Its a crying shame, when you’re the only one that believes in your own art. Maybe I’m wrong about that, and maybe there is something to make of it. I guess its just insecurity, that when I’m gone no one will really care to spread these things. Like there’s always this sense that I am one act away, one chess board move from hitting something larger. I guess the smaller victories will do for now, they’ll have to at least.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator And Contributor

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For The Dead

I can’t believe we keep passing these short paths of indecency, my mind can’t comprehend this inconsequential mix of blank features. I don’t know where this will take us next time, the future is involuntary and uncertain. What is the timing of this, and where does it lead and how can we fight against this blank space. I’ve mentioned it before, but it truly hasn’t passed and I’m not sure if it will. Will be find solace, will there be some type of answer in the agony. The notes of the song, are interchangeable and we are blessed in order for time to become one with us. The parachute hasn’t deployed and we plummet to the ground, strangers look at us upon the rocks. Waiting for us to crash into the ocean floor, but never having the intention of safety.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator and Contributor

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And That Is Two For You

Working out the minds crazy mountains, that madness you can seem to quell or push back from bubbling to the surface. Missing out on the lives of hundreds of people you know, never being in tune with those surrounded by treacherous ways. You filled the cup full, overflowing with questions seemingly mistaken for matches in the counter top. Smiles overcrowding your eyelids, caving in and you hadn’t pressed the right buttons for which there was never a consequence.  Save it all for when you can fight back, the fabric cracked outside the wall in painful strides. The accusers shout and mock, in which you quivered from the fear of transparency. These men with spears, as you do this and the other so carnivorously.

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Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator And Contributor

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Cavity’s And Truces

Years past, and we felt it like a sore in the gut of life. Can’t believe its this serious, would have been tried it if I knew it would come to this place. Within this all came out of the bend, just before it snapped and it can only be beaten with a wish. Happy faces, for it hadn’t shown in your mind and came out when you least expected it. They laugh at your tragedy’s, didn’t help you when there was time before it fell to the floor. Shattered in time, you cried out with closed fists mixed in messages. A closet, that is closest to the pipes over flooded with danger. Running in the wind, flipped downward on the cork with a bleak camera lens. The recollection, of that passing thought and it felt no less troublesome to you than others would.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator And Contributor

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I Can’t Believe I Felt This Way

Lets make good on this promise shall we?

You stare away in a trance, eye balls shatter such as light bulbs. Figuring out a truth, finding love isn’t so suspect any longer. Flares of mixture if cycling around the ferris wheel, mindful of the wishes you once were encapsulated with. Round it goes in your heart, thudding within and pumping the life back into your soul. I do recall that letter, ink splattered down like a blood stained shirt. That viciously came upon my words, that exclaimed my honest yet trivial promises. I didn’t need inspiration for this one, it was all within me and falling at once. You tore me apart, like a spine ripping at the seams from an attack by a cruel mist of hatred. Its obvious this was all wrong, I’m only curious what your thoughts conjured in the clouds.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator And Contributor

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