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Just Some Random Thoughts, Take It Or Leave It


Brexit represents something I feel, is a clear indication of those being pushed down by the hierarchy are no longer willing to comply. It is nothing short of a populace majority revolt, and a dismissal of consistent fear mongering. It shows us that the citizens still have the power, and you know something whether you like Bernie Sanders or not. Or the complete opposite of the spectrum Donald Trump. They have woken up something in this world, that can no longer be smothered. If we handled things like the UK did, peacefully rising up in one voice saying “We aren’t putting up with your abuse anymore, you don’t get to decide for us anymore”.

Then this world would be in a completely difference place, because that perfectly states what it takes to get real change done!!! Not bureaucrats sitting in rooms, until someone acts. Not the constant polished discourse that leads to little or nothing. Not even pundits making laws, that will only be enforced by a system that is clearly being shown time after time to be shattered beyond repair. Real change, that doesn’t happen until we say enough is enough. Brexit is a call to action, whether you agree with the result or not. As we draw closure to July the 4th in this country, we need truly remember what power by the people for the people means. We all have it in us, we just have to know how to use it.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger