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Something I’ll Never Understand


You know what I don’t get about the female empowerment movement? And you can correct me if I am off base here, I am not above that by any means. But here’s the thing ladies, I don’t understand this need to have your nipples out. Or be as free as guys can be in that way, I know it should be a right to do that. But why would you scold a man for looking/admiring your magnificent body? I’m not picturing raping you, or taking you right then and there against your will. I could just be saying you know “This girls got it going on”.

What the fuck is wrong with that? I mean, if you wanna rub piss and shit all over yourself I don’t care!!! If that’s gonna make you feel more secure fine, but to bastardize a man for being just that A MAN!!! Just because you still feel like a delicate flower next to me, if you wanna embrace your femininity do it !!! But if you wanna be secure in your own skin, you gotta make room for us to. That’s all I’m trying to say, i’m not ever going to tell you that you can’t do what guys do!!!

But I’m also going to call you out when you try to play the victim card. Its not cool!!! Because contrary to what you may believe, most dudes are not sexual deviants. I can understand you being upset in a normal setting, if all a dude is doing is gawking at you constantly. But if you wanna be proud of your body, why would you make us feel so low when all we are doing the vast majority of the time is admiring. I get both sides I suppose, its understandable how Females get tired of being looked at like a piece of meat.

I don’t know, it just seems wrong to yell at dudes for looking if you are screaming for equality all the time. Because then, all you look like is a nagging bitch. And dudes don’t like that, I don’t think girls like that either but that’s not the point. Point of all of this is, if you wanna be respected then by all means press for that. But dudes get hooted and hollered at all the time, what do you suppose we do about that? Just let you continue, yea dudes might say it makes them feel manly. But what if there was a slight chance that not all men are like that?

If a guy said “Hey, I’m not feeling this situation”. Would you end it then? I have my doubts, to be honest with you. Because well I hear all the time people say “Guys don’t get themselves in those situations, because “Masculinity”. No, the shoes on the other foot all the fucking time. Wanna hear examples of stories I have witnessed, where I have been taken advantage of? All I am saying is, it happens to all of us!!

And to act as if it doesn’t, well you aren’t giving both sexes the credit they deserve in life. Not one single person should be pushed into something, that they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing!! I could care less who you are, the double standard exists. Whether you want to admit it or not, whats the verdict? Live your lives the way you see fit, but don’t sit there and ever tell me. That when I want the same respect that you should get, that you say “Well, you’re a man so it doesn’t apply to you”. It does, and it damn well should for both sexes!! Respect of a person’s space, and well being is not exclusive to a Female. Just don’t shun a guy for being what he is, and we won’t do it to you. We need to both demand it of each other, and that’s just the way it is to me!! =)

I’m sorry if you’ve been raped, no one should have to put up with that on either end of the isle. Its not right, and we shouldn’t stand for it either!! However, to make a guy feel terrible for enjoying a very natural thing. Is defeating the purpose of the movement all together, is it not? Feel free to point out my mistakes in this if you wish. I am all ears, like I said!! Just don’t hate me for being real with you guys, I pride myself on being just that!! I hope you understand, where I am coming from on it!!! =) I simply want both ends to be held accountable equally, because I feel like that is what empowerment is right!?!? 😉 We need to build each other up, and not constantly rip into each other if you don’t like how we do things!!

Ok, I’m done!!! Thanks for reading, I know its long!! =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger