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Just Some Thoughts On A Series I Love


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I made my way through the Joker Blogs again, and a few highlights came to mind. I preferred the new girl they used for Harleen Quinzell, she seemed to have a better formula when it comes to the slow slip into madness. The whole PTSD angle was nice, she was trying to move on past it but Joker haunted her dreams. They used an allegory of The Wizard Oz to describe that in the episode. how she kept fighting with the alternate version of herself. That I assume Joker either brought to the surface, due to her trauma, or molding it inside of her himself over their interactions in Arkham.

This episode in the new series, along with probably Board Games was the best of Series 2. It gave us a peak into why Luthor bought Arkham, if only to put a lighter spin on his previous transgressions. They didn’t really say why he did it, but it was heavily implied he was just trying to look like a good person. And the whole “Politicians Are Liars” was brought to the surface, when we found out that it was all along his motive to look good as a candidate for President. Did I mention the guy who plays Luthor, also plays Hugo Strange in two episodes of the first series?!?!?! AWESOME STUFF!!! I’m glad they used money for this one, it was more cinematic which helped progress the arcs further in the way they needed to be.

The tension in the elevator was pure gold!!! How she kept drilling him with questions, and he continued to avoid it!!! And then he turned it, and changed his personality slightly, almost every single time the camera cut. And that conversation with the Camera guy was awesome!!!! This series has been gone for two years now, I really wish it would finish up, they really had something special going!! And according to one of the creators, they were going to do something completely different with the Joker Harleen story. I really wanted to see that, ughhhh!!!!!!!!

Contributor- Chris Ballenger